A Georgia woman gave birth in her car during a crash and could not find her baby in the aftermath

By Ally Mauch
April 18, 2020 06:45 PM

Three Georgia police officers found a newborn baby in the aftermath of a crash.

Officers Daniel Bride and Cepeda Huff as well as Sgt. Matt Madden of Lilburn rushed to the scene of the accident, which occurred when an SUV hydroplaned, hit a curb and power pole before slamming into a brick wall, according to CNN.

At the time of the crash, the driver had been taking her pregnant daughter to the hospital because she was in labor. The baby was delivered in the car, but could not be found in the darkness.

“We thought the baby might have gone out the window because there was so much debris in the back,” Bride told FOX 5. “Our concern was whether the baby got tossed into the backseat or got tossed through the window.”

The officers searched the back of the vehicle, where the pregnant woman was sitting. After using flashlights, Huff eventually found the newborn child under the back seat with the umbilical cord still attached.

Credit: Lilburn Police Department

“There is like a small little drop-off under the seat,” Huff said. “And that’s where the baby laid right into a little pocket. And that’s where I found her.”

Huff rushed the baby to the emergency medical workers on site and the entire family, including a 1-year-old who was also present in the car, was taken to a local hospital.

The newborn was stable and placed in a neonatal ICU.