Valerie Feske has since undergone surgery and is showing improvement, her family said
Valerie Feske
Credit: gofundme

A Georgia mother of two was reportedly paralyzed from the chest down after a freak accident on an inflatable waterslide.

Valerie Feske, 41, suffered a C7 spinal cord injury on Saturday while attending a small gathering in her Richmond Hill neighborhood, her husband Brent Feske told CBS affiliate WTOC.

“The kids were playing and Val being Valerie, being the life of the party, decided that she was going to play with the kids and all of the adults were being boring. She was up there playing and what happened was one of the kids ended up colliding with her just in the absolute wrong way,” he said.

Valerie, who teaches eighth grade at Richmond Hill Middle School, told the New York Post that she knew right away something had gone horribly wrong.

“I immediately couldn’t feel my legs and I could barely use my arms,” she said. “But I saw my son looking down at me, and then immediately my friends and my sister were there.”

Valerie was transported to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, where she underwent neck surgery.

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“It’s devastating, you know, to think that a fun Memorial Day weekend waterslide could be a life-changing event like this,” Brent told WTOC.

Brent said his wife has already made significant progress following the operation, and was able to slightly move her arm just 24 hours later, WTOC reported.

The improvements are notable for the family, considering doctors told Valerie in the immediate aftermath of the accident that she would never walk again, and would be unable to use her arms.

“You can’t say why me, why us. This is just a bump in the road,” Brent told the Post. “It’s a big bump, but I’m just glad I have her and glad she’s improving.”

Valerie’s community and friends have rallied around her, her husband, and her two children Kenzie and Derek, and a GoFundMe page for the family has already raised more than $40,000.

“Everyone’s favorite teacher and friend, Valerie is the epitome of positivity, spunk, and our very own ray of sunshine!” the page reads. “Valerie is the type of wife, mother, daughter and friend that everyone deserves. She has a servant’s heart and now it is our turn to take care of her.”

As for what’s next, Valerie told the Post that despite the struggles that lie ahead, she’s determined to make it through.

"I was in a crazy amount of pain on Saturday, but I am going to get through this because I love my family so much," she said. "I’m going to push through for them.”