Grandma Gone Wild! Ga. Woman Poses for Hilarious Boudoir Photo Shoot in Bathtub Full of Yarn

Lisa Bishop, a grandmother of five, posed in a tub full of yarn as a hilarious Christmas present for her husband, Mike Bishop

Photo: Roaming Magnolias Photography by Samantha Bishop

One Georgia grandmother has put her own spin on the classic boudoir photo shoot.

As Christmas time rolled around this year, Samantha Bishop’s mother, Lisa Bishop, wanted to show off her daughter’s photography skills in a special photo shoot for her husband, Mike Bishop.

“The idea started as a joke,” Samantha, a photographer based in Bremen, Georgia, tells PEOPLE.

“My mom is actually very modest,” Samantha explains. “So when I said she should do a boudoir shoot so that she can see what I do for a living, she joked, ‘Only in a bathtub full of yarn’ — thinking I wouldn’t make it happen. So I ran with it.”

When it came time for the shoot, Lisa was shocked to find a bathroom filled with balls of yarn. Still, the grandmother of five kept her word, climbing into the tub for the fun shoot.

In the photos, Lisa is shown tipping her glasses, giving seductive looks and even posing with a crochet needle.

“She loves to crochet, so it just fits her personality,” Samantha says, adding that Lisa really got into it. “We laughed too hard to be productive most of the time. It was all done jokingly. Some things I expected, some I didn’t.”

Lisa Bishop. Roaming Magnolias Photography by Samantha Bishop
Roaming Magnolias Photography by Samantha Bishop

When it came time to reveal the photos to Mike on Christmas night, Samantha was sure to capture his reaction.

Photos of the doting husband showed him smiling and laughing as he looked through the photo album.

Samantha says his reaction was indescribable.

“Peep his adorable schoolboy reaction at the end,” Samantha wrote in a Facebook post as she shared the pictures. “Literally made this whole thing 1000x better.”

Mike Bishop. Roaming Magnolias Photography by Samantha Bishop

The post quickly went viral on Facebook, amassing 58,000 “likes” and more than 60,000 shares. But Samantha says her parents don’t quite know how to handle their newfound fame.

“My mom is pretty blown away by the responses and positive feedback,” she says. “My dad loved the pictures and the whole thing was a hit.”

She teases: “We definitely plan to do more.”

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