Ga. Train Conductor Praised for His 'Swift Action' After Rescuing Homeless Man from Train Tracks

Marietta Police said the homeless man had fallen on the tracks, was unable to get up and eventually suffered hypothermia

CSX Conductor Saves Life
Marietta Police rescuing the homeless man. Photo: Marietta Police Department

An alert freight train conductor is being praised for rescuing a homeless man from the train tracks in Georgia.

The Marietta Police Department (MPD) confirmed the scary incident in a Facebook post on Saturday, revealing that the heroic rescue happened a day earlier in Marietta, Georgia.

According to authorities, a CSX conductor, driving "a mile-long freight train at full normal speed," was entering the Georgia city when he spotted a person down on the tracks.

"Because of his swift action, he was able to stop the mile long train before striking the male," police wrote on Facebook.

After bringing the train to a halt, the conductor jumped out to help the man get off the tracks and called for help, which came from Metro ambulance, Marietta Fire and MPD officers.

Authorities said they later learned that the man was homeless and had fallen on the tracks but was unable to get up.

"He became hypothermic and if struck by the swift-moving train, would surely have been killed instantly," the MPD wrote in their post, alongside a video of first responders lifting the man onto a stretcher.

MPD officers, along with officials from Metro ambulance and Marietta Fire, walked "roughly a quarter-mile on the loose gravel" before carrying the man to safety, the post stated.

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He was then transported to Kennestone Hospital in Marietta for treatment, according to the post.

At this time, it is unclear how long the man had been on the train tracks before the conductor found him, and what condition he's currently in.

Before finishing their post, the MPD made sure to commend the CSX conductor for taking action and being so alert on the job.

"We talk about 'situational awareness' as it relates to you avoiding becoming a victim of crime, but it absolutely applies here as well!" they wrote. "KUDOS SIR!!!"

Several other Facebook users praised the conductor.

"Kudos to the hawkeyed conductor. God bless you all," wrote one user in the comments section, while another added, "So happy the CSX conductor was able to stop in time to save the man's life!!!"

"Give that conductor a medal!" urged a separate user.

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