Ga. Elementary School Principal and Teacher Resign After Investigation into Affair That Included Sex on Campus

Banks County Elementary School Principal Dr. Dana Simmons and PE teacher Dylan Charles “routinely” engaged in sexual activity at the school, an investigation finds

Banks County Elementary School in Georgia
Banks County Elementary School. Photo: Google Maps

A Georgia elementary school principal and teacher resigned after an investigation found there was evidence that they had a sexual relationship and that sexual activity took place between them on school grounds.

An independent investigation was launched last month after Banks County Superintendent Dr. Ann Hopkins reported being "made aware of allegations of sexual misconduct" between Banks County Elementary School Principal Dr. Dana Simmons and PE teacher Dylan Charles, according to a report obtained by PEOPLE.

Simmons, who was in her third year as principal of the school, initially approached Hopkins with concerns that Charles "had bugged her office" or had inside access to Board of Education information, officials wrote in the six-page report.

In a meeting with administrators, Charles confessed to having "been involved in an extramarital affair" with Simmons for "several years," according to the report. He told administrators that they "routinely" engaged in sexual activities at the school and provided photos of them kissing.

Another photo provided during the course of the investigation showed a naked woman standing in a room, which was identified as the bathroom adjacent to Simmons' office, and a video showed a man and a woman, identified as himself and Simmons, having sex in a car, the report stated.

Simmons initially denied the affair, saying she had an "inappropriate friendship" with Charles, but later admitted to it, per the report. However, she denied having any sexual encounters at the school.

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During the investigation, Simmons alleged that Charles' wife, a fellow teacher at the school, "set up the sexual liaisons" between herself and the PE teacher, and that his wife also watched them having sex.

Although the report stated that Simmons was "very remorseful," it noted she "offered no explanation other than she made a terrible mistake."

In an interview with Charles' wife Kelsey, identified in the report as a third grade teacher, she admitted to having watched and filmed them.

Kelsey went on to claim that Simmons "pressured her to allow her to have sex with her husband" and had "made promises to her about helping them with their careers."

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During a series of separate interviews, an attendance clerk who was described as a "confidant" of Simmons, claimed to have seen a text from Kelsey asking if Simmons wanted to have sex with her husband, according to the report.

In another interview, a former paraprofessional at the school claimed that Simmons had once "approached her about joining a group of swingers," which she ignored, the report stated. She told investigators that one of the reasons she decided to stop working for the school system was because she felt Simmons was "unprofessional."

Investigators concluded in the report that there was "conclusive evidence" of the affair as well as evidence that sexual activity occurred on school grounds at least once, citing the photo of Simmons taken in the bathroom near her office.

News that Simmons had resigned was shared on Jan. 27, just days after the investigative report was published.

"Dr. Dana Simmons has resigned her position as principal," read the statement from Hopkins, which was shared on a social media account for Banks County Schools.

School officials confirm to Fox affiliate WAGA-TV that Charles also resigned following the investigation. The outlet reported that the teacher's wife had resigned as well, citing Banks News Today.

"Any issues concerning unethical conduct are thoroughly investigated, addressed accordingly, and reported to the Professional Standards Commission as necessary," Hopkins said in a statement obtained by the outlet. "The educators involved are no longer teaching Banks County students. The safety and well-being of our students are always our first priority. The investigation into this event did not yield any indication that student safety or security was compromised."

Hopkins did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

The Professional Standards Commission is now investigating, according to WAGA-TV.

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