Driver Is Miraculously Rescued Alive in Georgia After His Car Is Impaled by Logs from Truck

The driver surprisingly only suffered minor injuries from the terrifying accident

car logs

A Georgia driver is lucky to be alive after he rear-ended a truck that was carrying dozens of logs, causing the large chunks of wood to smash through his car from the front windshield to the back window.

The aftermath of the terrifying accident was captured in photos on the Whitfield County Fire Department’s Facebook page, showing how the driver just narrowly missed getting impaled by multiple logs on Oct. 11.

By some miracle, the man driving the vehicle on Cleveland Highway in Dalton only suffered minor injuries after rear-ending the truck, according to the Facebook post.

car logs
The logs through the windshield. Whitfield County Fire Department/Facebook

Whitfield County Fire Chief Edward O’Brien told CNN that the accident occurred as the driver leaned down to pick up something that he had dropped inside his vehicle.

It turns out the driver was very fortunate to have been doing so, as O’Brien noted that the man’s head ended up in a gap between the logs due to the fact he was not sitting in the upright position.

“It was as if it was almost created just for his head,” O’Brien explained to the outlet.

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The rest of the car, meanwhile, was completely damaged, with logs extending from the shattered front windshield all the way through to the back window.

When firefighters showed up to the scene, they had to cut through approximately 30 to 40 logs with chainsaws before they could attempt to rescue the driver from his car, O’Brien told CNN.

However, once they successfully made it through the logs, they were able to cut open the car within 10 to 15 minutes and safely remove the driver.

car logs
The logs through the car window.
car logs
The logs through the car window. Whitfield County Fire Department/Facebook

At this time, it is unclear if the driver will face any charges. He has not yet been identified.

A spokesperson for the Dalton Police Department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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