The soon-to-be grandmother of the unborn child uploaded the video to YouTube, titling it "Gender Reveal May Be For Only One Child"


That’s going to leave a mark!

A soon-to-be grandmother videotaped expecting parents launching air cannons to reveal the sex of their child, but one air cannon hit the father-to-be in a less than desirable spot.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube hilariously titled “Gender Reveal May Be For Only One Child,” starts off with the expecting parents on a deck outside, happily preparing to launch their air cannons to announce the sex of their baby with blue or pink colors.

The dad, wearing a blue button down and tan shorts, stood beside the mom-to-be, who was wearing a pink dress, as they each held the air cannons in their hands, ready for release.

Gender reveal gone wrong
Credit: ViralHog/Youtube

While the father’s air cannon did explode with blue to show the parents would be welcoming a baby boy, the end of the cannon shot right back at him, hitting him in the groin and causing him to collapse as the attendees both cheered and laughed at the reveal and subsequent injury.

The expecting mother, meanwhile, was unable to get her air cannon to release, and stood and laughed as the dad kneeled while holding his groin, but was nonetheless in good spirits, laughing about what had transpired.

Gender reveal gone wrong
Credit: ViralHog/Youtube
Gender reveal gone wrong
Credit: ViralHog/Youtube

As of Thursday afternoon, the video has over 4,500 views, with numerous commenters explaining they’d laughed over the epic reveal fail.

“That baby is not going to have a brother or sister,” one YouTube user commented.

Similar reveals have occasionally gone awry in the past, most notably in November, when a video was released that showed an Arizona Border Patrol agent accidentally starting a wildfire during his sex reveal party a year prior.

The video was released by United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, and captured the exact moment that Dennis Dickey shot a “high-velocity firearm” at a target during the celebration.

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Instead of just releasing a blue or pink powder, Dickey caused a giant explosion and massive wildfire. Small portions of blue powder, however, can actually be seen in the sky before the flames engulf it.

Officials from the U.S. Attorney’s Office explained that the target contained Tannerite, an explosive substance designed to detonate after contact with such a firearm, and sparked the Sawmill Fire, as it came to be known, which damaged more than 45,000 acres.

“Dickey immediately reported the fire to law enforcement, cooperated, and admitted that he started the fire,” Forest Service Special Agent Brent Robinson wrote in the September affidavit obtained by the Arizona Daily Star. The affidavit also explained that while Tannerite is a legal substance, it has been tied to several major wildfires.

Approximately 242 total personnel were called to action to help manage to the fire near Green Valley, which is about 25 miles outside of Tucson. Overall, it caused more than $8 million in damages.