4 Sisters Pregnant at Same Time During Pandemic Open Up About Their 'Incredible Experience'

Amy Gossett tells PEOPLE (the TV Show!) that she and her sisters joked, "Let's see if we can get the husbands on board" — and the rest is history

Four sisters from Northern California all got pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic.

Caroline Toth, Amy Gossett and twins Haley Andrews and Katie DeAngelis were born 18 months apart and are now looking forward to raising their newest babies together.

"I think Katie started the trend, and everyone followed suit shortly behind," Haley, 33, tells PEOPLE (the TV Show!) in Wednesday's episode. "We're all a little bit competitive, but really we all wanted to have this experience together as well."

"And so, it was just one of those things where Katie got pregnant, and it's like, gosh, should we all just jump on board?" she continues. "And it worked out great that way."

Since 33-year-old Katie's baby boy was born on April 2, the sisters are now expecting a busy few weeks ahead of them.

Sacramento Sisters
Mitch DeAngelis

Amy, 31, is expecting her baby on June 11, and that birth will be followed by Haley's due date on July 5. Caroline, 29, is expecting to give birth on or around July 25.

"We had made a joke earlier in the year of, 'Hey, we should all get pregnant in 2020?' because everyone was in lockdown with COVID," Amy says.

"And it was kind of a joke, where it's like, well, let's see if we can get the husbands on board and whatever," she adds. "And then it was one after another just started popping it. It was really exciting."

Sacramento Sisters
Gaines family

Haley and Katie haven't been pregnant before, and the sisters have all turned to each other for support.

"We have a sister thread going on that we're talking daily, constantly, along with phone calls as well," Caroline says. "Just, are you feeling this? Are you getting a lot of kicks? What's going on? What symptoms are you experiencing? It's an incredible experience to go through with your sisters and best friends. It's just incredible."

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