The former student, now 34, is alleging that Becki Falwell gave him oral sex in 2008

Days after Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned as the president of Liberty University, a new allegation has been leveraged against his wife, Becki Falwell.

A former Liberty University student, who was bandmates with Becki's son Trey Falwell, told Politico in a report published Thursday that Becki performed oral sex on him in 2008.

Becki did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. Becki and Jerry denied the student's claims to Politico, calling them "false and mean spirited lies."

The student, now 34, was a 22-year-old student at the evangelical university at the time.

“She was the aggressor," he told Politico.

The student, who requested anonymity, provided Politico with screenshots of old Facebook messages he alleges are between him and the then-university president's wife. Another bandmate told the outlet that the student had told him about the incident after it happened.

According to the report, the student and his band needed a guitarist, and the Falwells' son Trey seemed like the perfect fit. The Falwells allowed the band to repurpose an old church on their property as a practice space, which they regularly used.

However, the student said that Becki frequently crashed their practices and was flirtatious towards him.

Becki Falwell
Becki Falwell
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"It wasn’t just a one-time thing," he told Politico. "It was, ‘Oh hey, guys, I brought you some lemonade.’ And then she’d always stick around."

"She was like, ‘Hey, I know I’m a mom, but I wanna be friends with everyone,’” a former bandmate of the student added. "It was, like, a ‘Dude, why is somebody’s Mom chilling with us?’ type thing."

"I could tell she was giving me looks, but [I] wanted to downplay it," the student said. "I would think, ‘Am I reading too much into this?’ She would speak almost … she’d always give little innuendos. Almost like she was speaking in code."

Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki
Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki Falwell
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The student said he thought he was "just seeing this wrong" until one day the band was moving things around their practice space and Becki approached him in a moment he says he will "never forget."

"We were all hot and sweaty. She goes, ‘Hey, can you help me with something?’ I said, ‘Sure, heck yeah, I can help you!’ I figure she needed some heavy lifting," the student told Politico.

"I’ll never forget, she corners me and goes, ‘Have you told your friends?’ I say, ‘Excuse me?’ She goes, ‘Have you told your friends that I think you’re hot?’” he said. “She’s standing there with her eyes locked on me, waiting to see what I’d say. I probably laughed it off, like, ‘Haha. No, I haven’t told them that one.'"

Awhile after that alleged encounter, the student says one night he discovered Becki hiding in the guest room where he sometimes stayed over, and he told her to leave. But a few nights later, the student stayed the night again, and once again Becki came into the guest room where he was staying, he claims.

Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki
Becki and Jerry Falwell Jr.
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"I was like, ‘Uh, what are you doing?'" the student said of the encounter, in which he says Becki got into bed with him, pulled down his pants and performed oral sex on him.

The student said he only told a few close friends about the incident, wanting to keep it a secret. He told Politico that it "took a toll on the soul" and he didn't want to be a "homewrecker."

One of his former bandmates told Politico that the student "struggled with depression" after the alleged encounter.

Becki continued to contact the student through Facebook for months afterward before he finally cut off contact with her, the student claims. He said that up until the scandal involving the Falwells this week, he had not spoken to Becki in eight years.

The student was inspired to come forward with his story now because he sees Becki's behavior as an abuse of power, Politico reported.

Becki and Jerry told Politico the student's claims were false.

“It is unfortunate that the coverage of our departure has turned into a frenzy of false and fantastic claims about us," they said in a statement to the outlet.

"These false and mean spirited lies have hurt us and our family greatly and we will respond fully with the truth at an appropriate time. At this time, however, we think it is best to move on and help the Liberty community focus on its very bright future…:

Becki recently confirmed an extramarital affair with Giancarlo Granda after the former Miami pool attendant's bombshell interview with Reuters was published earlier this week. Granda, 29, claimed that Jerry "enjoyed watching from the corner of the room" while he and Becki had sex. While Becki admitted to the affair, she said that Jerry had nothing to do with it. Jerry has also disputed Granda's claims.

Earlier this month, Jerry was placed on an "indefinite leave of absence" after an Instagram photo surfaced of him with his pants unzipped. He has since resigned.

Jerry told the Associated Press that the Granda scandal is the reason behind his resignation.

"That’s the only reason I resigned: because I don’t want something my wife did to harm the school I’ve spent my whole life building," he said. "I never broke a single rule that applies to staff members at Liberty, which I was. So I want everybody to know that."