September 11, 2017 01:38 PM

As Hurricane Irma roared through Florida on Sunday, one woman in Coral Springs, Florida, went into labor in the midst of the storm while her family called 911 and waited for police and fire crews to arrive.

Rescue crews made their way to the house — which was difficult to reach because of the storm damage.

“Basically, [the] baby was coming when I picked up,” emergency dispatcher Lou Falco told CNN.

When they arrived, the baby was almost fully delivered.

“The mother of the person in labor was actually pretty much delivering the baby – her own granddaughter – in the bathroom on the floor,”  Assistant Chief John Whalen with the Coral Springs Fire Department told the news outlet.

Coral Springs Police Department

Surprisingly, the family was calm and smiling throughout the ordeal. Emergency workers were able to cut the baby’s umbilical cord before getting her and her mother safely to the hospital.

“A lot of times when people call 911, it’s not for something happy, and today – I always say 911 dispatchers save lives – today was very pleasurable to help start a life,” fireman Chris Hurst told the news outlet.

Both mom and her baby girl, named April, are doing well.

“We were trying to do everything professionally, but I wanted to take pictures to share this moment because it’s not very often that we get to experience something like this,” Sgt. Scott Myers of the Coral Springs Police Department, who was also at the scene told CNN.

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