Kathy Jones of Brevard County delivered over 100 decorated Christmas trees to local families

By Eric Todisco
December 22, 2020 10:13 AM

A Florida woman is spreading holiday cheer to those who need it most this year.

Kathy Jones of Brevard County recognized that many people in her community were struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic and were in need of a Christmas tree in their household.

According to Florida Today, Jones put out a call on a local Facebook group for Christmas tree donations — and from there, word spread like wildfire.

Since then, Jones has delivered more than 120 artificial decorated Christmas trees (and counting!) to local families in her 20-year-old Toyota Camry, at times squeezing four or five trees in at once, NBC affiliate WESH reported.

“The overwhelming response from people who were in need was definitely heart-touching," she told WESH.

Christmas trees
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Cheryl Daly, who lost her job last month, was one of the lucky community members to receive a Christmas tree from Jones.

“To me, it symbolizes family time. It’s always brought good memories at Christmas," Daly told WESH of having a tree.

Last Tuesday, Jones was driving through a McDonald's drive-thru when a worker questioned her about the Christmas trees in her car. When Jones said that she was donating them, the worker revealed that she and her son were still in need of one.

“I said, ‘Well, I'll tell you what, I'll pull right over there,’ and I gave her [a] six-and-a-half-foot, brand new tree,” Jones recalled to Florida Today.

Kathy Jones

On Friday, Jones shared on Facebook that she has now delivered 121 decorated Christmas trees.

"It’s been a chaotic year, not having the freedom that we've always had to get out and do things and now, life has changed for everybody,” she told Florida Today. “And then a Christmas tree with lights on, it brings about a peace. A joy.”