Sportmanship is alive and well in Florida

Sportsmanship isn’t dead.

This 36-second video shows an especially triumphant walk around the bases at an April 26 softball game in Lakeland, Fla., between Eckerd College and Florida Southern College. The game concluded with Eckerd shortstop Kara Oberer hitting a three-run homer, but even more notably with Florida Southern’s pitcher, Chelsea Oglevie, and second baseman, Leah Pemberton, helping the injured Oberer around bases.

The applause you hear as the three women hobble into home isn’t even the most Hollywood moment. As reported by ESPN, that home run by Oberer, who had injured her leg in a previous Saturday game, ultimately gave Eckerd’s softball team its first winning season ever.

It gets better: That pitch by Chelsea Oglevie was also the last of her college career, not that it gave her any pause when it came to helping Oberer. “[She] was absolutely sobbing,” Oglevie told the Tampa Bay Times. “She literally couldn’t put one foot in front of the other. I was like, ‘There’s no way this girl isn t gonna make it home.'”

And as if that all weren’t enough, Saturday’s game marked precisely the sixth anniversary of a remarkably similar instance of true sportsmanship on the softball diamond, when another injured batter was carried around the bases by opponents who simply knew the right thing to do, team colors notwithstanding.

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