Florida Nurse Saves Driver Who Stopped Breathing and Had No Pulse After He Crashed into Her Home

Carmen Roman began chest compressions on the man after the Kissimmee accident, which ultimately helped save his life

Carmen Roman
Photo: Fox News

A Florida nurse is being praised for jumping into action and saving a man’s life after he crashed his car into her home recently.

Kissimmee native Carmen Roman has never hesitated when it comes to helping others who are in need, Fox 35 Orlando reports.

“If I’m in the moment, and I know I can do something, I will react,” she told the outlet. “I just love to help people.”

It was that willingness to assist others that ultimately saved a man’s life on Thursday afternoon after he swerved off her neighborhood’s road and crashed his vehicle into her house.

At the time of the incident, Roman was home and shocked to learn that a car had slammed into her bathroom wall.

“I thought someone was parking in my house and all the sudden he just, ‘Boom!’ Hit my house,” she recalled to Fox 35, adding that she felt lucky her children were not using the bathroom at the time of the crash.

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When she came outside to survey the damage, Roman discovered that the driver was unresponsive behind the wheel with “no pulse and no heartbeat.”

In surveillance footage of the accident, the nurse’s quick instincts are displayed she ran over to the driver’s side window and began to perform chest compressions on the man.

“I start[ed] doing what I had to do and gave him 30 compressions,” Roman explained to Fox 35, noting that within “a couple of seconds after, he came back alive.”

After emergency crews arrived, the man appeared to be in better condition and was even featured on the security cameras walking beside the damaged car and first responders.

Roman’s home, meanwhile, has suffered a great deal of damage.

“The inside of the house is all coming out,” she shared with the local outlet. “The whole insulation from the wall is in my bathroom.”

Despite the fact she’ll now require her home to be repaired, Roman said she’s happy to have been involved with the incident.

“It feels awesome,” the nurse admitted. “My kids are so proud, they’re like, ‘Momma’s a hero!'”

At this time, it remains unclear whether the man will face charges for the crash.

Officers at the Kissimmee Police Department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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