Florida Man Rescues Unconscious Woman from Sinking Car in Canal: 'I Jumped in as Quickly as Possible'

"She's out cold!" Shawn Turner screams — in a video shared on Facebook — as he desperately tries to pry the door of the woman's vehicle open

Man saves woman in car
Photo: PBC Fire Rescue

A Florida man is being praised for his quick thinking after he dove into a canal to save an unconscious woman from potentially drowning in her sinking car.

On Sunday, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue shared a series of images from the incident, showing a number of officers and divers on the scene.

PBC Fire Rescue revealed one patient was transported to a “local hospital after their vehicle goes into canal near Military Trail and Camino Real.”

Before emergency responders arrived to the canal, resident Shawn Turner took action.

In a video, which he shared on Facebook, Turner is seen holding onto a white Kia Soul.

“She’s out cold!” Turner screams as he desperately tries to pry the door of the vehicle open.

At the same time, two other bystanders can be seen jumping into the murky water in hopes of assisting.

Man saves woman in car
PBC Fire Rescue

“She’s having a seizure still,” Turner says before hoisting himself through the passenger seat window.

From the footage, it appears that’s when Turner was able to extricate the woman from the car.

However, danger quickly arises as the car begins to sink.

“Dad, get out!” Turner’s son is heard screaming out to him.

Turner, along with the help of the two bystanders, was then able to bring the woman to safety.

Turner has since spoken out about the incident to local outlet ABC 7, explaining that he saw the sinking vehicle when he and his son were driving by at around 11:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Man saves woman in car
PBC Fire Rescue

“When I got out the truck, I asked if anybody had seen anybody in the car. They said there was somebody in the car, I know cars don’t float long, so I jumped in as quickly as possible,” Turner told ABC 7.

He explained that after he was able to get inside the car, he undid the woman’s seatbelt and pushed her out the window.

After getting her to the bank of the canal, Turner told ABC 7 that’s when they dialed 911.

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“I’m glad that Adam Gunn was there to help me out because I couldn’t have got her to the side without him. It was a team effort and we got her to the side and waited for paramedics to come. Once we knew she was breathing, we took a little bit more time. I wish that she has a speedy recovery and gets well soon as possible. She has a family, a husband, people that want to see her better,” Turner told the news outlet.

The woman’s identity has not been revealed to the public.

Turner did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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