Members of the Pasco County Fire Rescue embarked on a mission to support one of their own battling breast cancer

Kathy Babcock has spent the last three decades saving lives and fighting fires in Pasco County, Florida. So when she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, her fellow firefighters with the Pasco County Fire Rescue embarked on a different kind of mission.

Operation: Make Kathy Smile.

Members of the station created a heartwarming video, complete with dancing, motivational signs and an inspirational song in an effort to uplift Babcock as she undergoes a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, according to Fox 13.

“We wanted to give her strength in numbers, and that was what the video was about,” James Lavine told ABC of the video titled “Operation Make Kathy Smile,” which was uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 15.

“Showing her that she’s not just fighting alone, she’s fighting with us,” he continued.

A small portion of the video features the fire station’s members dancing to “Uptown Funk” before it takes a more serious turn.

Members from multiple fire stations in Pasco County are then seen creating signs for Babcock featuring phrases like “Keep Calm and Fight Breast Cancer,” “Fight Like a Girl” and “Give Cancer the Boot.”

Lavine, a Pasco County firefighter, told Fox that they surprised Babcock with the video, flowers, balloons and the homemade signs, succeeding in their mission to “make Kathy smile.”

“I couldn’t stop crying, because I was, like, I was so happy,” Babcock told ABC. “It just moves me and brings my spirit up that they’re behind me, fighting this battle with me.”

Babcock’s supporters have set up an online fund to help with the costs of her treatment.