"If they only knew how much they help me emotionally. I just want to thank them," said Lynette Baio, who received the four-digit tip from frequent patrons

By Benjamin VanHoose
December 27, 2019 02:09 PM
Lynette Baio
Credit: Fox13

One hard-working waitress’ financial burden was eased thanks to a pair of generous customers and their four-figure Christmas gift.

Lynette Baio of Clearwater, Florida, worked a Christmas Eve shift at Speggtacular, the local restaurant where she has been employed for the past five years, according to WFLA.

The woman, who lost her husband two years ago, had already given up hopes of buying presents for her loved ones since her bank account had been recently emptied in order to fix her car.

“I had avoided an accident and really messed up my car and it really depleted my savings,” Baio told the outlet. “And I wasn’t going to give my family members anything for Christmas but my opinion — and nobody wants that.”

She had opened up to a couple who were regulars at the eatery about her financial stress heading into the holiday season. When that same couple, who chose to remain anonymous, patronized Speggtacular on Tuesday, they left an overwhelming surprise for their favorite server.

“They got up to leave and I looked down and there was a check for what I paid for my car, which was $2,000,” Baio said.

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The restaurant-goers had written a note to accompany the check: “Merry Christmas and restore your savings. God bless you.” The moment proved deeply emotional for everyone involved.

“I cried. He got up [and] he cried, she cried — we all cried,” said Baio. “It was a Christmas miracle for me.”

Baio described the gesture as restoring her “faith in humanity,” telling WTVT it was extremely meaningful for her.

“I had no idea, like, who would have thought anybody would do that for me?” Baio told the outlet. “If they only knew how much they help me emotionally. I just want to thank them.”

That afternoon, Baio shared the news on Facebook, telling her friends and family that she was “truly blessed” by the kind offering.

“Truly blessed i got a $2000.00 tip today…i prayed and prayed god would restore my savings from Georgi dying and my car,” she wrote. “These customers asked me a few weeks ago how i was doing and i told them about my unexpected car cost.”

Baio — who was able to purchase gifts for everyone on her list after all — told WTVT that she intends to spread the generosity when she’s back on her feet.

“I’m going to honor their words and I’m going to pay it forward someday, and I’m going to let God bless me enough to do it,” she said.