Two construction workers faced certain death Tuesday when their scaffolding collapsed atop a South Florida high rise

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1. Construction Worker Saves Colleague’s Life When Scaffolding Malfunctions Atop 30-Story Florida High-Rise

Two construction workers escaped death after scaffolding collapsed on a South Florida high-rise condominium Tuesday. One of the men jumped to safety on a nearby balcony, then rushed to throw a rope to his coworker, reports WPLG.

The two men were adjusting the level on the scaffolding when the motor apparently failed, causing the platform to tilt and dangle 30 stories in the air. “They weren’t able to stop the motor that kept going,” Jake Wolpe, the condominium board president, told WPLG. The construction workers were repairing stucco on the high rise when the scaffolding collapsed; there were no injuries sustained during the mishap.

2. Indiana Police Officer Saves Woman from Burning Car

As a Lake County, Indiana, patrolman, it’s Kyle Kranz’s job to protect and serve, but that doesn’t make his saving a woman from her burning car any less heroic. After watching a car roll over and burst into flames Monday night, Kranz pulled over, grabbed his fire extinguisher and rushed toward the blazing vehicle, reports the Post-Tribune.

When he saw the driver still in the car, he “smashed the rear window and climbed into the burning vehicle to extract the injured driver, Leslie Meyers,” Lake County police spokeswoman Patti VanTil told the paper. Kranz stayed with the driver until paramedics arrived and took her to Franciscan St. Anthony Medical Center for treatment.

3. California Comedian Turns Homeless Shelter into Five-Star Restaurant

California comedian Greg Benson transformed Glendale s Ascencia shelter into a five-star restaurant on April 1, but this was hardly a cruel April Fools’ joke. Shelter residents received a three-course meal and were serenaded by a string quartet, reports KCAL9. Benson served as host, seating residents and helping waiters to deliver filet mignon cooked up by Chef Jesse Brune.

“Ninety percent of the people who are here in the shelter have jobs that we go to everyday and it’s nice to be rewarded at the end of the day,” resident Amy Jones told KCAL9.

4. Connecticut Boy with Cancer Receives a Dream Bedroom Makeover

Seven-year-old Zach Libow is now enjoying a brand new bedroom thanks to Art from the Heart, an organization that gives dream bedroom makeovers to pediatric cancer patients in southern Connecticut. Last weekend, the group gave Zach’s room an “Under the Sea” theme, complete with sharks, stingrays, and a giant orange octopus, reports the Greenwich Time.

Zach was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last summer. He has 12 more weeks of chemotherapy followed by more than two years of maintenance treatments. His mother reports that Zach’s prognosis is looking good.

5. New Mexico Boy Gives Up His Birthday to Raise Money for Vets

Estevan Medina turned 7 on March 30, and he celebrated by throwing a fundraiser for wounded veterans, reports KOAT. Instead of requesting gifts for his birthday, Estevan said he wanted to give something: “Our veterans, they’ve done so much stuff for us. It’s time for us to do something for them,” he told KOAT.

Estevan created a flyer to publicize the event, which ultimately raised more than $4,000. He says that when he grows up, he plans to join the Army.

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