Joel Paris carried 6-month-old Adalynn through the plane's aisle, laughing and playing with the little girl

By Char Adams
August 21, 2019 12:32 PM
Credit: Jamie Hunter/ Facebook

It can be difficult for parents to calm their little ones during an hours-long plane ride, but one fussy baby was no match for flight attendant Joel Paris.

Viral photos show the moments Paris held 6-month-old Adalynn, smiling and playing with the little girl during a Colorado-bound flight from Texas on Frontier Airlines on Aug. 4. Initially cranky, little Adalynn appeared calm and joyful in Paris’ arms.

“IDK how to make things go viral, but this flight attendant on Frontier Airlines from Tyler to Denver helped a mom calm her screaming baby, and it was PRECIOUS!!” Jamie Hunter, who captured the moment on camera, wrote on Facebook. “It was her first time to fly solo! It’s the feel good story we need today.”

Flight attendant Joel Paris holding 6-month-old Adalynn on Frontier Airlines flight
| Credit: Jamie Hunter/ Facebook

Cherish Terry, Adalynn’s mother, told Good Morning America that the baby was “pretty fussy” after several days of traveling. She said Adalynn had been restless throughout the flight and began to cry toward the end.

“We had just visited my dad and he wanted all her attention, so she didn’t get to take many naps,” Terry told the outlet. “I tried rocking her and she was asleep for a little while, but then the plane started to get louder and she woke up again.”

Hunter was just two rows behind Terry and had her own baby with her, she tells PEOPLE. Hunter, who travels often, says she could relate when she saw Terry struggling with the screaming infant.

Flight attendant Joel Paris holding 6-month-old Adalynn on Frontier Airlines flight
| Credit: Jamie Hunter/ Facebook

That’s when Paris asked to hold the baby and let Adalynn explore the plane, according to GMA. He walked up and down the aisle with her, bouncing and playing for about 15 minutes.

“My baby was asleep in my lap, and as soon as I saw him grab the baby I thought, ‘How cute! Wish I could reach my phone.’ Then he was bounding her and I was like, ‘Alright, I have to take a picture!’ ” Hunter recalls. “So I maneuvered my phone out of the bag and started snapping pictures. I actually was like, ‘I prob look like a weirdo stalker, but how cute is this?!’ ”

Hunter says she could tell Paris loved babies from the moment she stepped on the plane and he said hi to her little one. She say Paris then looked at another flight attendant and said, “There’s so many babies on this flight!”

She shared the photos on Facebook, where they have been shared more than 1,300 times. The post even made its way to Terry.

“I had no idea this was going viral until today and I’m sooooo happy Joel is getting the recognition he deserves!” Terry commented on the post. “He was amaaazing and totally saved the day and my sanity!”