Fla. Woman in Labor Stops to Vote on Way to Hospital: 'She Was Very Happy That She Got to Vote'

The woman's husband said his wife refused to go to the hospital until she'd handed in her ballot

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One Florida woman was certainly not biding her time when it came to this year’s election — because for her, voting trumps all — even the birth of her child.

Though the woman was in labor, she made her husband take a detour on the way to the hospital, stopping at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Orlando to make sure her ballot was handed in, an employee told NBC affiliate WESH.

“She was calm,” said Karen Briceno Gonzalez. “The husband was a little bit more nervous.”

Gonzalez said she informed the harried husband that she’d need a driver’s license to allow him to vote — but as soon as he clued her in as to the unusual circumstances, Gonzalez and her colleagues quickly gathered a vote-by-mail ballot and hurried it out to the car.

“[He said] she refuses to go to the hospital until she votes,” Gonzalez recalled.

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Staffers expected the woman to take the ballot and be on her way, either filling it out later and mailing it or dropping it off in a ballot box.

Instead, she filled it out in the car and dropped it in the box herself.

“She was very happy that she got to vote,” Gonzalez told WESH.

After helping her complete her patriotic duty, the woman’s husband took off for an Orlando hospital, the Associated Press reported.

“We are very, very busy, but when something like that happens, it just makes our day,” elections clerk Eileen Deliz told the AP of Tuesday’s encounter. “Every election cycle brings us a great little story.”

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