Fitness Influencer Ca'Shawn 'Cookie' Sims Is Missing as Her Family Pleads for Help

Ca'Shawn "Cookie" Sims, 30, was last seen on Sept. 8 in Duarte, California

Ca'Shawn Sims
Photo: facebook

The family of Ca'Shawn "Cookie" Sims — a fitness trainer with more than 215,000 followers on Instagram — is pleading for answers amid her disappearance.

Ca'Shawn, 30, was last seen on Sept. 8 on the 2100 block of Broach Avenue in Duarte, California, according to a missing persons alert shared by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, who is handling the investigation.

Authorities describe Ca'Shawn as a 5-foot-1 Black woman with black shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She has the phrase "It's found in the soul" tattooed on her left collarbone and the word "Earth" inked on her left forearm.

According to her sister, Ca'rynn "Cee" Sims, other notable tattoos on the social media influencer's body include an image of an elephant, the phrase "As sisters we stand together," and the definition of the word "serenity."

Ca'Shawn Sims
Ca'Shawn Sims/instagram

"Please be on the look out for finding my sister to ensure that she's okay and safe. She has abandoned her home, her dog and seemingly her phone which is unlike her," Ca'rynn wrote on her Instagram on Tuesday. "Our extended family (my grandad, aunts and cousins) cannot reach her alike with my middle sister, mom and dad."

Ca'rynn added that there's been "no indication to where she may have been headed after last leaving her home."

"I never thought there'd come a day of me posting a missing flyer for my sister," she wrote. "We want her covered in prayers, God's grace and to know that she is whole, well and alive."

Ca'Shawn Sims
Ca'Shawn Sims/instagram

Ca'Shawn's other sister, Chris'tol Sims, said in an Instagram post over the weekend that her sibling is "a very independent person and enjoys her solitude," but the family have become concerned after not being able to reach her.

"As we've recently started living in separate places, I do not have day-to-day access to her," she shared. "I'm trying to make sure she's okay, and will exhaust every option."

Those with information regarding Ca'Shawn's whereabouts are urged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Missing Persons Unit at (323) 890-5500, or submit an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).

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