May 02, 2017 02:20 PM

An American man has reportedly been arrested and charged with assault following a dramatic fist fight that broke out on an All Nippon Airways flight awaiting take-off in Japan on Monday.

In video taken by a passenger and obtained by TMZ, a man in a red shirt lunged toward a man sitting in the row behind him in a gray shirt.

The men exchanged punches before the man in the gray shirt yelled, “Somebody help! This guy is crazy.”

As a female flight attendant tried to intervene, the man in the red shirt screamed, “I’ll kill you,” along with several expletives.

The man in the red shirt appeared to be escorted off by a male flight attendant, but shortly after could be seen returning. He then hit the other passenger once again and appeared to yell “America” during the second encounter.

The passenger in the gray shirt punched the man, and the female flight attendant appeared to get hit while she attempted, once again, to intervene.

According to the passenger who recorded the video, Corey Hour, the flight to Los Angeles was waiting to take off at the Narita International Airport outside of Tokyo when the man in the red shirt suddenly turned around and told the man behind him that he was going to “kill” him.

Hour told the Washington Post, “He literally just flipped. Nobody knows why.”

He said that when the female flight attendant appeared to get hit, he decided to “step in.” Throughout the ordeal, the male passenger wearing the red shirt continued to scream about “the government.”

Said Hour, “He was actually predominantly talking about the government and corruption, but he wasn’t specifying which government.” (Hour did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for further comment.)

According to Japan Today, the man wearing the red shirt also allegedly choked a male airline employee after being forced to disembark. An ANA spokesperson and police told the outlet that the 44-year-old American man was charged with assault. TMZ also confirmed the arrest.

“All Nippon Airways apologizes to our passengers on Flight #6 to Los Angeles for the pre-flight incident,” an ANA spokesperson said in a statement to the Post. “The individuals involved have been dealt with appropriately by local law enforcement.”

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The incident is the latest in a string of dramatic events involving airlines in recent weeks.

Over the weekend, a Delta Airlines pilot was videotaped smacking a female passenger who was fighting with another passenger to “deescalate” the fight at an Atlanta airport.

Earlier in the week, a man was removed from his delayed Milwaukee-bound Delta flight after he got up to use the restroom.


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