Lt. Kelby Ueltschi popped the question to his fellow firefighter Becca Pelletier — and enlisted the help of their coworkers to do it!

By Char Adams
April 04, 2019 12:04 PM

Sparks are flying at this New York fire department!

On Monday, Lt. Kelby Ueltschi with the Barneveld Fire Department popped the question to fellow firefighter (and EMT) Becca Pelletier as the team did a training drill on April Fools’ Day — but the romantic gesture was no joke.

“Our fire department is like a big family and we were excited that we could assist with the proposal,” department officials wrote in a Facebook post. “Congratulations and Best wishes to Becca and Lieutenant Kelby Ueltschi.”

Authorities shared a Facebook video of the “special surprise,” showing Pelletier completing the drill and sporting a shocked expression when she turned to see her coworkers holding a banner that read “Will you marry me?” Pelletier and Ueltschi embraced as the group of firefighters applauded.

Becca Pelletier (left) and Lt. Kelby Ueltschi

The video has been shared more than 300 times, with social media users congratulating the couple in the post’s comments section. Photos also showed Ueltschi standing behind the sign, which looked to be made from a water hose.

The surprise is just one of many sweet proposals getting attention online in recent months, as couples everywhere are getting more and more creative when popping the question.


In November, Maurice Goldstein asked Laura Stampler to be his wife. When she said yes, a pack of 16 dogs was unleashed on the pooch-loving couple.

Just months earlier, in May, Jessa Gillaspie and Becky McCabe proposed to each other during the Memphis Zoo’s popular Zoo Brew event. Neither knew that the other planned to propose, making for an extra sweet surprise.