Mom Suffers Severe Bruises After Protecting Baby from Hail Storm: 'I Covered Her with My Body'

Fiona Simpson shielded her 4-month-old daughter, Clara, with her body on Thursday after a hail storm blew the windows out of her car

Photo: The Project

An Australia mom was covered in black and blue bruises this week after she and her young daughter became trapped in a hail storm and she had no choice but to shield the baby with her body, reports say.

Fiona Simpson, 23, told The Project that she wasn’t aware of the weather forecast in Queensland before she decided to take her grandmother and 4-month-old daughter, Clara, to a coffee shop on Thursday. When severe rain started picking up, Simpson pulled over to the side of the road, she wrote in a Facebook post. That’s when it started to hail.

“The back window, where Clara was, the whole back window just blew out … glass went everywhere through the car,” the told The Project. “So I took off my seatbelt, climbed through the back and just laid on top of her.”

The hail pelted Simpson’s back, leaving her with bruising to her back, arms and her face. She shared photos of her damaged skin in the Facebook post, writing, “I covered my infant with my body to stop her from getting badly injured.”

“I know I’ll be sore tomorrow,” she added in the post. “I’m just so relived that my daughter and grandmother are alright.”

She added that she’s learned her lesson and will never drive in a hail storm again. In a follow-up post, Simpson wrote that she and Clara were home safe Thursday night. Her grandmother is recovering at a hospital.

“At the end of the day, all that matters is that we’re alive,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “A car can be replaced and bruises can heal, and we’re just all safe right now.”

Simpson told The Project that Clara only suffered a few bumps and bruises. After the incident, she took the baby to the hospital where Clara was “happy and smiling and giggling and playing.”

“She’ll be alright. She hasn’t even really noticed, to be honest,” Simpson said of her daughter. “We’ll all be fine. We’re tough.”

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