The American Crime star teamed up with Martin Short, Stand Up to Cancer and Rally Health for a new PSA aimed at raising awareness about the importance of proactive colon cancer screenings and early detection

By Mike Miller
April 04, 2017 02:00 PM

Felicity Huffman isn’t shy about speaking up when it comes to colon screenings.

The American Crime star has teamed up with Martin Short, Stand Up to Cancer and Rally Health to sing a little number aimed at raising awareness about the importance of proactive colon cancer screenings and early detection.

Their duet, cleverly titled Lookin’ in the Rearview, is hilarious, as is the entire PSA, which comes complete with behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes. (Check out the exclusive gag reel above.)

“I’ve been working with the Entertainment Industry Foundation for many years on various different types of cancers,” Huffman tells PEOPLE about the project. “They’re a wonderful organization, so when they called me and asked if I’d like to sing a ditty with Martin Short, I said, ‘Yeah, where to do I sign up?’ ”

The two stars had never worked together before, and Huffman said she was blown away by the Saturday Night Live alum’s natural talent. “They sent me the music and I practiced for three days,” Huffman explained. “Then Martin Short showed up and went, ‘What’s the music? What are the words?’ But in three minutes he learned it and performed it brilliantly. So I thought, ‘This is how it looks when you’re really good at something.’ ”

Besides goofing around with Short, Huffman said she was especially interested in doing a PSA about early cancer detection. “No one wants to get a colposcopy, but when you realize that with early detection, cancer is totally curable in 90% of cases, then I really wanted to get behind early detection.

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Plus, Huffman said a “really good friend” of hers in New York was diagnosed with cancer, but “early detection — MRIs, mammograms — saved her life.”

The actress is also following her own advice, and said after getting a colonoscopy herself, she realized the procedure was not as bad as she thought.

“I have to say am I now a huge fan of colonoscopies, because propofol is basically god’s gift to humanity,” Huffman joked. “Although I know there are some concerns, it’s a pretty great ride.”