Father Helps Gay Teen Son Hang Pride Flag Outside Their Home: 'We Are Fixing to Shock Oklahoma'

"Last year I didn’t get to go to Pride, so this year I wanted to celebrate in any way I could," Caden Wyatt said of hanging the Ally Pride Flag

An Oklahoma father is showing his support for his son while also hoping to make a statement in his hometown.

Earlier this month, John Wyatt went viral on TikTok after posting a video of him and his son, Caden Wyatt, hanging an Ally Pride Flag outside of their home.

The video — which garnered over 431,000 likes and 18,500 comments — shows John saying, "We are fixing to shock Oklahoma." Then his son starts hanging the flag to the tune of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

The Ally Pride Flag is different from the common Rainbow Pride Flag in that it features a rainbow "A" in front of black and white bars.

The rainbow "A" symbolizes allies of the LGBTQ+ community, while the black and white bars represent heterosexual and/or cisgender people, according to the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center at the University of Northern Colorado.

"Happy Pride Month to y'all, especially to my son! Love you @cadenwyatt12 #pridemonth #pride2021🏳️‍🌈 #ally #prouddad #proudmom," John captioned his clip. "Just do you boo…❤️"

Speaking to Good Morning America, John, 45, explained that his family decided to hang the flag after Caden, 15, spotted it while they were attending Owasso's first Pride celebration in May.

"Caden asked if we could fly that flag and we immediately bought the means to do so," John explained to the outlet. "We installed it together that same day and made that video."

"Last year I didn't get to go to Pride, so this year I wanted to celebrate in any way I could," Caden added to GMA.

Though John was quick to show support for his son, he admitted to GMA there was a time about 10 years ago when he wouldn't have been so convinced.

It wasn't until he realized that his son might be gay that he began to openly support the LGBTQ+ community and distance himself from people who don't.

"I would consider Owasso very conservative, as well as most of Oklahoma," John explained to GMA. "I haven't seen, or noticed, too much support for the [LGBTQ+] community."

"It definitely started me on the thought, 'Well, maybe it isn't necessarily a choice. Maybe it's something you're born into,'" he went on. "And time would prove me right. No one can convince me he wasn't born that way."

Caden ultimately came out to his parents in spring 2020 — but by that point, it made no difference to John and his wife Janell, 46, who were unequivocally supportive of their son.

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"At first I was nervous but my friends encouraged me to," Caden told GMA of coming out. "Then I realized how much my parents would support me so I decided to."

Added John: "We told him we already knew and we're super proud of him. We all hugged and cried, knowing that his life was about to change."

Since that day, life hasn't changed too much for the Wyatt family, other than their public celebrations of Pride Month, according to GMA.

Caden admitted that he was nervous to hang the flag outside their home, but told the outlet he is proud of his identity and doesn't care what others think.

His father echoes those sentiments.

"He was free to be himself before coming out, and I think that's why he was so comfortable coming out to us," John explained to GMA. "He knew he had our support. I think it just helped him fully understand that he could now be 100% the person we always wanted to be."

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