Mikey Meadows and his son Grayson are both "fighting for their lives" after a tornado destroyed their home

4-Year-Old Boy and Father in Critical Condition After Home Is Destroyed By Tornado
Credit: Go Fund Me

A young boy and his father are fighting for their lives after a tornado sent debris crashing into their home on Easter Sunday.

Mikey Meadows and his 4-year-old son, Grayson, were both critically injured when a tornado hit Chattanooga, Tennessee, on April 12, according to a GoFundMe set up for the family.

“Not only is their house extremely damaged but they are both helpless in the hospital in critical condition with brain injuries,” a description on the donation page reads. “They need as much help as they can get as far as prayers and financial help.”

The family does not have health insurance, according to the page, which has raised nearly $39,000 as of Tuesday afternoon.

After being transported to a hospital, Meadows underwent surgery and had a titanium mesh plate put in place after doctors removed a large portion of his skull. There have been small improvements in his condition over the last two days, a post to the GoFundMe page on Tuesday detailed.

“Mikey is moving his body a little bit here and there, but only on his left side,” the update said. “He isn’t understanding any speech right now either but it’s still really early. The doctors said he might need facial reconstructive surgery as well.”

Grayson, meanwhile, has not progressed in his recovery.

4-Year-Old Boy and Father in Critical Condition After Home Is Destroyed By Tornado
The Meadows House
| Credit: Go Fund Me

“Grayson hasn’t changed much,” the update explained. “He hasn’t improved, but the good news is he hasn’t digressed either. They were not able to take him off the ventilator yet. This little boy has been through a lot of testing lately so he just needs some more time to let his body heal.”

“They are fighting for their lives due to this tornado,” it continued. “Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and hearts.”

At least 33 people were killed when tornadoes made their way through southern states on Sunday and Monday, the Weather Channel reported.

Nine Tennessee residents were killed as a result of the storm, which was classified as a level EF-3 tornado with winds estimated around 145 mph, the National Weather Service said.

The deadly flurry of tornadoes stretched from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee to the Carolinas, and left more than 1.2 million homes and businesses without power.

4-Year-Old Boy and Father in Critical Condition After Home Is Destroyed By Tornado
The Meadows Home
| Credit: Go Fund Me

A video of Mikey and Grayson’s home after the devastation shows debris scattered everywhere and entire walls completely ripped apart.

Despite the slow progress in their healing, friends and family are still holding on to hope that the father and son will eventually recover.

“We need to be their voice right now, giving them and the rest of their family endless love, support and hope!” the page read.