Father, 2 Daughters and Niece Killed in 'Horrific Accident' in N.J.: 'Never Got to Say Goodbye'

"They have touched the lives of so many," a GoFundMe page reads of George Ritter, his two daughters Alivia and Elsie, and his 8-year-old niece Kenzie

A New Jersey family is in mourning after four members died in a "horrific" car crash over the weekend, according to authorities.

The fatal incident, which unfolded on Saturday night in Gloucester County, ultimately killed father George Ritter, his two daughters and his niece, Chief William Whinna with the Westville Police Department confirms to PEOPLE.

The minors were later identified as Ritters' daughters Alivia and Elsie, ages 5 and 9, and his niece Kenzie, 8, according to ABC affiliate WPVI. A GoFundMe page also confirmed the father and the young girls' identities.

The single-vehicle crash unfolded around 9 p.m. in Westville as the family was on their way home from a toddler's birthday party at the Westville Power Boat Association, WPVI reported.

Ritter, 33, was behind the wheel when the vehicle crashed into a utility pole, according to WPVI. Whinna confirmed to NJ.com that the utility pole was located in front of a Pellegrino Chevrolet dealership.

The cause of the crash remains unknown. In a statement to PEOPLE, Whinna says authorities "are investigating all avenues at this time."

In the wake of the tragic incident, the family's loved ones have been left devastated.

Kenzie's father, Brian Mammoccio, expressed his heartbreak to WPVI, telling the outlet that his daughter was "caring and honest and full of life and spark."

NJ car crash victims
The victims, George Ritter, his two daughters Alivia and Elsie, and his niece Kenzie. GoFundMe

"I wish I could have her here next to me, give her one last hug because I never got to say goodbye to her," Mammoccio said, per WPVI.

"Cherish every moment you have with your children because you never know when that moment can be taken away," Mammoccio added. "I only got eight years with mine."

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On Sunday, mourners gathered at the site of the crash to pay tribute to the victims and leave flowers and toys, according to WPVI.

"Just to let the family know we were thinking of them," mourner Catherine Leone told the outlet. "This is a horrific, horrific accident."

That same day, the GoFundMe page was set up by Westville Power Boat to help the families with funeral expenses. So far, it has raised over $28,000.

"Westville Power Boat Association has lost a very loved member and 3 beautiful angels as well," the page reads. "We want to give George and the girls, Elsie, Alivia, and Kenzie, the memorial they deserve and to honor their memory and say our last goodbyes."

"They have touched the lives of so many and it's our turn to show our appreciation for George and the girls one last time," the page adds. "Any donation is extremely appreciated."

Those interested in donating to the family's GoFundMe page can do so here.

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