The D'Cruz family includes siblings ranging from age 75 to 97

By Ally Mauch
January 06, 2021 09:44 AM
The Family of 12 Siblings Earns World Record for Highest Combined Age with 1,042 Years
The D'Cruz family
| Credit: Guinness World Records

A group of 12 siblings has earned the title of the family with the highest combined age.

The D’Cruz family — consisting of Doreen, 97, Patrick, 95, Genevieve, 93, Joyce, 91, Ronnie, 90, Beryl, 88, Joe, 86, Francesca, 84, Althea, 82, Teresa, 80, Rosemarie, 77, and Eugenia, 75 — have a combined age of 1,042 years, according to a press release from Guinness World Records.

The eldest, Doreen, was born in 1923, while youngest daughter Eugenia was born more than two decades later in 1945. All 12 — nine daughters and three sons — were born in Pakistan to parents Michael and Cecilia.

Today, the siblings are spread out across Canada, the United States and Switzerland.

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“Though they do not live in the same place, the D'Cruz's say they are a close family who counts achieving the Guinness World Records title as one of the great highlights of their lives,” the release stated.

Joyce told CTV News that the family tries to meet up at least three times a year on the major holidays. With this year’s coronavirus pandemic, however, they stayed in touch via Zoom.

“It feels really wonderful,” she said of their new title. “We’re very proud of the fact that we’re still alive. That’s the greatest part.”

Eugenia, who goes by Genia, similarly told The London Free Press that she’s “grateful” her siblings are all still alive.

“It doesn’t seem real,” the youngest D’Cruz sibling said. “I always think of Guinness records as the tallest or shortest person or something like that. It was a surprise they even count this. But it’s exciting. I’m grateful to have all these siblings still alive.”