Two Teens and Their Mom Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After Running Generator Post Hurricane Irma

A family suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning after Hurricane Irma, leading to three deaths and four in recovery

Photo: WFTV News

A family in Orange County, Florida suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning after Hurricane Irma swept through the state, leading to three dead and four in the hospital, PEOPLE confirms.

An Orange County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the home Tuesday after a 911 call, but was overwhelmed by the fumes inside the residence, according to a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Orange County Fire Rescue arrived and entered the home, discovering two individuals inside who were deceased. Another individual was treated outside of the home, but was later pronounced dead at the scene.

They were siblings Jan Lebron Diaz, 13; Kiara Lebron Diaz, 16; and their mother Desiree Diaz Molina, 34.

Molina’s other son, 12-year-old Louis Lebron Diaz, is recovering at Florida Hospital in Orlando, along with three family friends from Puerto Rico, police say. Louis made the call to 911.

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Police say a portable gas generator was found inside of the garage, which had been converted as an extension of the home, and was powering a refrigerator, a standalone freezer and two fans.

A neighbor, Maria Tuzzeo, told WFTV she was heartbroken by the deaths.

“You know these people. You know them,” she said, mentioning she often saw children playing outside of the house. “They’re from your neighborhood. You know how bad it is. You’re brought up with the kids. They go swimming at the pool. It’s just so sad.”

Police tell PEOPLE the deputy who was overwhelmed by the fumes was treated at the scene and expected to recover.

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