The famed fashion designer helped furnish Champion's Place and donated hundreds of adaptive clothing items

By Rachel DeSantis
January 19, 2021 07:00 PM

A new, one-of-its-kind facility outside Atlanta is helping young adults with physical disabilities live the independent lives they've always dreamed of.

Champion's Place opened its doors in October, complete with all the amenities necessary to help residents like Matthew Dooley and Sarah Grace live self-sufficient lives, they tell PEOPLE (The TV Show!) in Tuesday's episode.

"We're able to relate to one another really, really good and be honest with one another about how our life is," Dooley, 26, says. "So that's a cool thing."

Each suite at the facility is equipped with a technology hub that's voice-activated to help with everything from turning the lights on and off to opening and closing the blinds.

Famed fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has also gotten involved, donating everything from furniture and linens to more than 250 pieces clothing from his Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive line.

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"It touches my heart in a way that is very unusual because I first-hand know how these young people are feeling when they're wearing something special," Hilfiger, 69, tells PEOPLE (The TV Show!). "It makes them feel confident. It makes them feel secure."

Among the items donated by Hilfiger — who has three children on the autism spectrum — are sweatshirts with Velcro in the back for easier dressing and removal.

Grace, 26, says Hilfiger's company has even looked to residents for input on the clothing, and they'll inform the designers what works and what doesn't.

"I always felt like I always had the mentality of, 'I'm in a wheelchair, but I can do anything that anybody that is not in a wheelchair can do,'" Grace says of living in Champion's Place. "And as that is true, it's so much fun being able to see my friends throughout the day and hanging out with them and then have dinner all together."

Dooley, too, says his quality of life has improved upon moving in.

"It's giving me more independence and I feel like my self-worth is more," he says.

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