Woman Discovers Her Biological Father Is Her Mother's Fertility Doctor: Everybody 'Trusted Him'

"I just want to know why," says Eve Wiley, fighting back tears in an exclusive clip from her upcoming interview on 20/20

Eve Wiley thought she had pieced together her parentage 14 years ago when she met the man who she believed served as her mother’s sperm donor.

Now, the Texas woman’s life has been flipped upside down with news that her biological father is actually her mother’s fertility doctor — who allegedly artificially inseminated her mom with his sperm against her will.

“I just want to know why,” Wiley, 31, says in an exclusive clip from her upcoming interview on 20/20, which airs on Friday. “I don’t love this. This sucks. When I tell people my story, their jaws hit the floor.”

Wiley’s mother, Margo Williams, and Williams’ late husband struggled with infertility before turning to sperm donation at California Cryobank to conceive Wiley, according to The Dallas Morning News. Williams, of Texarkana, tells 20/20 that the fertility doctor she and her husband worked with was highly regarded.

“He was that doctor in the community that everybody respected and absolutely trusted him,” Williams says in the clip, calling him the “go-to doctor” for couples experiencing fertility struggles.

Eve Wiley learned that her father is a sperm donor — her mother's fertility doctor on 20/20.

“He was kind of a hero for my parents,” Wiley adds. “He gave them the one thing that they wanted — and it was a child.”

Fourteen years ago, Wiley was reunited with the anonymous “Donor 106” (whose name is Steve Scholl) and the two became close, forming a loving father-daughter bond. Exclusive footage of the pair shows them smiling as they reveled in their happy ending.

“I call him dad. We say I love you,” Wiley told the Morning News. “We spend holidays together and he actually officiated at my wedding.”

However, a devastating surprise came when Wiley and her husband used genetic testing services 23andMe and Ancestry.com to learn more about their family’s health history. It was then that Wiley saw another man listed as her father.

“That is my mom’s fertility doctor,” Wiley says of the results.

Eve Wiley learned that her father is a sperm donor — her mother's fertility doctor on 20/20.
Margo Williams. ABC

As it turns out, the doctor allegedly mixed his own sperm in with that of Scholl’s after Scholl’s failed five times, holding that Williams and her husband gave him permission to mix in the sperm of an anonymous local donor.

However, Williams denies giving such consent. According to 20/20, the doctor admitted that he never told Williams that it was his sperm he used to inseminate her.

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Since making the discovery, Wiley said she has met other men and women who have a “doctor daddy,” fertility doctors who used their own sperm for artificial insemination. However, the act is not a crime, as Texas law does not include rape by deception charges, according to the Morning News.

Wiley is looking to change that. She recently lobbied Texas state legislators to categorize fertility fraud as sexual assault. She appeared before the Senate Criminal Justice Committee to support the bill to make unauthorized implantation of “human reproductive material” a state jail felony. The bill has passed in the Texas Senate and “now goes to the House Calendars panel, which decides which measures go to the House floor,” according to the Morning News.

20/20 airs this Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

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