Officials are now calling the missing person search for Eric Rose a recovery mission more than a week after he vanished

By Char Adams
February 20, 2019 02:44 PM
Credit: Owyhee County/Facebook

Eric Rose ventured out into the snow on Feb. 10 after his family’s truck got stuck in the snow. He hasn’t been heard from since.

On Tuesday, Police announced that their search for Rose, 32, had become a recovery mission as Rose has been missing for 10 days, the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office said.

“The search area is expecting two new storms starting today and extending through the weekend,” police said in a statement. “Due to extremely unsafe terrain and inclement weather, the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office is suspending the missing person search for [Rose]. At this time, the Sheriff’s Office now considers this a recovery incident.”

Rose was traveling with his wife, Francesa Watson, and their 1-year-old daughter to Silver City, Idaho, earlier this month when their truck got stuck in the snow on Feb. 7, according to KBOI.

Credit: Owyhee County/Facebook

Amy Jennings, who said Rose is her cousin, told KBOI that the family built fires to stay warm and Watson kept their daughter warm under her sweatshirt. After sitting trapped for three days, Rose went to look for help on foot.

“Eric decided to go find help leaving his wife and baby in the safety of the truck,” Jennings wrote in a Facebook post.

“On Tuesday the truck ran out of gas and thankfully a snowmobile rider found them yesterday 2/15/19. Mom and baby are ok, but Eric is still missing. ”

She added to KTVB: “He told [Watson] he would be back in a few minutes and he never returned.”

With Rose gone, Watson found a vacant cabin nearby, using a ladder to climb through a window, KBOI reported. There, she used a wood stove to melt the snow and heat bottles for her daughter. On Feb. 15, they returned to their truck and were found by a miner passing by and taken to Jordan Valley.

“We’re just so grateful that they are, they’re back with us,” Kellie Rose, Rose’s mother, told KBOI. “In some sense, we’re grateful that my son tried to walk out and tried to find help, because in those back areas in the Owyhee Mountains, sometimes people don’t traverse those roads for weeks on end.”

In a Facebook post, Rose’s aunt Kati Jennings asked the public for their support, writing, “It’s not a good situation.”

Search crews and volunteers have been looking for Rose. And Jennings wrote in her Facebook post that Rose’s family have visited the vacant cabin.

“There have been a lot of questions and not a lot of answers and I don’t think we anticipate getting any answers,” Rose’s sister, Sara Ontiveros, told KTVB. “I think at this point we’ve made peace with it and we’re going to be patient and wait for it.”

Police announced on Tuesday that all access to Silver City is closed.