Nursing Home Recreates Iconic Album Covers with Its Residents and Staff During Pandemic

Sydmar Lodge Care Home's residents recreated the albums of Adele, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Madonna and Elvis Presley, among others

nursing home album covers
The recreation of Adele's album "21". Photo: Go Fund Me

The residents and staff at a nursing home in England are bringing smiles to people around the world as they recreate iconic music album covers through the decades.

With a little extra time on their hands during the coronavirus pandemic, the employees at Sydmar Lodge Care Home have taken on the photography project as a way to keep their residents entertained during the months-long lockdown.

So far, they've managed to recreate a dozen albums of artists, including Adele, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Madonna, Blink 182, David Bowie and Elvis Presley, among others — all of which have been posted on the social media accounts of Sydmar's activities Coordinator, Robert Speker.

"Sydmar Lodge Care Home residents and carers have been recreating classic album covers. The home has now been in lockdown for 4 months," he wrote ahead of the string of photos.

In the shots, the residents and staff went to great lengths to recreate the albums, dressing in the same attire, posing in the same manner, and even wearing the same accessories and face makeup.

The staff also edited the photos to include a spin on the album's title. For the recreation of Adele's 21, they included a resident's name and age, writing Vera, 93. With Swift's album 1989, the cover was recreated to include the resident's initials "R.C." and her birth year of 1922.

Similar actions were taken with Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. — the spoofed version said Born in England by Martin Steinbergand Queen, which had "Carers" in the place of the band's name and featured a photo of the Sydmar staff.

Responding to a user on Twitter, Speker explained that he determined which resident would be on each album cover based on who "best suited the look or had a vague similarity to the artist."

"Then I proposed the idea to each resident," he wrote. "Gladly all of them were enthused and perhaps a bit bemused by the idea, but happy to participate."

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Once the photos gained attention on Twitter, with over 43,000 users retweeting and commenting on the images, Speker created a GoFundMe page, which he said was on behalf of the residents to raise money for activities while in lockdown.

He also hoped that the page would increase awareness about the challenges elderly people face in lockdown.

Later, Speker announced on the GoFundMe that the residents decided to use the photography project as a way to raise funds for dementia and Alzheimer's charities instead. As of Thursday, the page had raised over $3,100 (2,700 euros).

"As this situation is ongoing, it could be months before the situation changes for them and the need to keep them happy entertained and full of spirit has never been more crucial," Speker wrote. "The residents have been in Lockdown for 4 months and it’s been my job and privilege to keep them entertained during the COVID crisis with no outside entertainers or family."

"Elderly people will remain in lockdown for a long time, and I want to make their time as happy and full of enjoyment and interest as possible," he added.

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