Akhil Jhaveri and his three daughters
July 31, 2018 02:28 PM

A father of three dying from ALS was granted his final wish to watch his daughters get married in a mock wedding ceremony on Monday.

Akhil Jhaveri, of Ridgefield, Washington, has been given less than a week to live, according to Komo News, and wanted more than anything to watch his daughters walk down the aisle before he passes away.

The outlet reports that the wedding was held at Vintage Gardens and that everything from the location to the flowers to the music and the gowns were donated.

“We don’t really know (how long he has), but they’re saying it’s any day,” one his daughters, Corinne Jhaveri, told the news outlet.

According to KVAL, each daughter wore a white wedding dress and veil.

“We’ve had a lot of time to process the fact that he is going to pass away, and that it’s going to be hard,” another daughter, Jordan Jhaver, told KVAL.

Added Ashley Jhaveri: “It’s been difficult to see my dad, who I remember as this vibrant, hilarious human, sleeping as we go down the aisle together.”

Jhaveri’s wife of 20 years, Laura, created a website that has documented their family’s journey since he was diagnosed with ALS on July 26, 2011, 11 years after he was originally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Their relationship, she wrote on the blog, began when Akhil was an engineer at General Motors in Wentzville, Missouri, and Laura was a summer intern.

“He tells me it was love at first sight,” she wrote. “I had a serious boyfriend at the time and it seemed like we were headed for marriage. This was my first lesson in ‘things aren’t always what they seem’  — sorry, Bill, if you are reading this.”

After Akhil persisted to take her out on date to a comedy club, she agreed but only under one condition: Bill, her boyfriend, had to come.

“This led to a case of ‘when you give a guy an inch, he’ll take a mile!’ Akhil used every opportunity to romance me away from Bill — chocolate-covered strawberries, flowers, notes at my desk…” she continued to write. “Unfortunately, Bill was not a romantic so Akhil’s persistence eventually paid off.”

Just three weeks later, they were engaged.

Akhil wrote in the blog post that “here we are, still crazy in love with each other, but it wasn’t always like this. Things just aren’t what they seem.”

In Laura’s most recent post  — which she wrote on July 17 — she wrote that it’s been several months since she’s been able to have a conversation with her husband.

“No other person will ever share as much of my life with me or grow with me like we did from our early 20’s until today. No other human will ever know me to that depth and have that level of intimacy with me,” she said.

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