"It was beautiful to watch," Dr. Giuliano Testa, of the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, says

By Char Adams
December 05, 2017 09:26 AM

The doctors who helped deliver the first U.S. baby born from a transplanted uterus are speaking out about the medical milestone — as the child’s mother celebrates her new bundle of joy.

Doctors with the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas recalled the groundbreaking moments during a recent interview with ABC News, with one telling the outlet, “All of us had tears in our eyes.”

“This little boy will stay with us for our entire life,” Dr. Liza Johannesson said. “He’s one of us.”

The baby was born in October via Caesarean section to a woman who was born without a uterus, according to ABC. She underwent a uterus transplant at the medical center last year. The mother had absolute uterine factor infertility, in which the uterus does not exist or does not function.

Credit: Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

“Last month, with the help of Baylor Scott & White, we were able to add a beautiful baby boy to our family after a successful uterine transplant,” the mother, who not been identified, said in a statement released through the hospital.

“We consider ourselves profoundly blessed to have been a part of this study, and we are optimistic that this initial success will lead to many more in the future. We humbly hope that our little boy can serve as an inspiration to those struggling with infertility, and demonstrate throughout his life that no matter what obstacles are in your path, with the right team working beside you, anything is possible.”

Credit: Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

The boy is the ninth baby in the world successfully born from a transplanted uterus, joining eight others in Sweden, according to ABC.

“It was beautiful to watch,” Dr. Giuliano Testa, surgical chief of abdominal transplantation, said. “It was very special to look in the eyes of the mother. She was told when she was a teenager that she would never experience this moment and then all of a sudden you see this happening and you think everything has a meaning.”

Baylor has successfully completed a total of five uterus transplants, and one woman is currently pregnant.