Doctor Carries Elderly Patient Through the Snow to His Office for Treatment

Dr. Yosef Gindzin went above and beyond recently when one of his patients couldn't make it to his office in the snow

Photo: Marie Havenga/Facebook

A Michigan doctor went above and beyond when the snow kept one of his patients from making it to his office for treatment.

In a moving Facebook post, Marie Havenga recounted moment when Dr. Yosef Gindzin, an ophthalmologist in Walker, Michigan, carried her mother, Lillian Havenga, through a snow-filled parking lot on Sunday when she couldn’t make it through in her wheelchair.

“My mom was in the hospital the last three days and had to miss her crucial every-four-weeks eye injections to treat wet macular degeneration,” Havenga wrote, referring to the chronic eye disease that causes blurred vision or blind spots.

Havenga wrote that if her mother goes without her injections for over four weeks, “her eye can bleed and she can permanently lose her vision.”

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During a recent visit to Gindzin’s office, Havenga wrote, her mother’s wheelchair would not function in the unplowed parking lot.

“Dr. Gindzin carried her. What an amazing and compassionate man,” she added.”Because of him, my mom will be able to see the magic of Christmas.”

She tells PEOPLE that Gindzin was scheduled to go to a wedding that day, but instead stayed behind to give Lillian her injections.

In a photo of the touching moment, Lillian is seen with her arm wrapped around the doctor’s shoulder and snow on her shoes. The shot has amassed more than 24,000 “likes” on Facebook and has been shared more than 1,600 times.

“[It was] completely awe-inspiring,” Havenga says, noting that Gindzin has treated Lillian for the past 15 years.

Havenga says the doctor made a special trip to open his office on Saturday to give Lillian her injections. Lillian had been in the hospital and missed her original appointment days earlier. And Havenga says waiting for the injections any longer “likely would have left her blind.”

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