An England couple is searching for a "Disney-mad" nanny who will dress as a different princess each month as they care for their twin 5-year-old girls
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Calling all Disney princesses!

A couple’s job post on a childcare website in England has gone viral thanks to their “unusual request” for a nanny who will dress up as Disney princesses for their twin 5-year-old daughters. The request appears on the website from a family in Brookmans Park, England.

“Like most 5-year-olds, our girls are obsessed with Disney and we feel this would be the best way to communicate some important values,” the couple states in the description.

“We know this isn’t a normal request for nannies, however we think it would be a great way to teach our girls about things like determination, compassion, fearlessness and ambition from strong yet relatable female role models like Princess Tiana, Princess Anna, Belle and Cinderella.”

The couple is offering around $52,295 to a “Disney-mad” nanny for a part-time position in which they would pick the girls up from school and engage them in a “variety of Disney-related activities” like arts and crafts, singing and baking.

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However, the couple added they are looking for a childcare provider who “won’t be afraid to be a disciplinarian if the twins are naughty or act out — they can be little terrors at times!”

They said they would provide the costume as they expect the nanny to dress up each month as princesses including Moana, Rapunzel (from Tangled) and Princess Merida (Brave).

“Again, we know this isn’t exactly a normal job offer, but we think it’s a great opportunity for someone to get really creative and add a little magic to our girl’s (sic) lives!” the post continued, with the parents noting that they are looking for the nanny to “commit to a character and create a really fun atmosphere.”

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The post quickly garnered attention on the service’s Facebook page, with a post about the job amassing nearly 500 shares in just one day. Many social media users called it the perfect gig.

“Id (sic) love this job wow, love dressing up but dont (sic) get much chance to do it, to dress up every single day as a disney princess would be amazing,” one commenter wrote. Another added: “Where do I apply?? ‘What do you do for a living?’ ‘I’m a real life Disney Princess!!! Dreams do come true!’ “