October 12, 2015 02:05 PM

Disabled veteran: one. Angry stranger: zero.

A disabled Texas veteran shut down a stranger who wrote a nasty note, telling the veteran to stop using handicapped parking spaces.

“Stop parking in handicap spots!!!! You DO NOT have a sticker nor do you look handicapped,” the stranger wrote in the letter uploaded to Reddit on Friday. The stranger claimed to have taken a photo of the man’s license plate and “sent it to the office for towing by the courtesy officer.”

The stranger closed the letter: “Stop being A Jerk!!”

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Both the stranger and the veteran are unidentified and it is unclear where the stranger left the note. But the veteran respondedwith a typed letter.

“Although I may not ‘look’ handicapped to you, I can assure you that the amount of pain I feel in my lower body from walking due to combat-sustained injuries far supersedes any level of pain you have ever felt in your entire life,” the veteran wrote after explaining that handicapped placards are not mandatory for those in Texas with disabled veterans license plates.

The vet added: “By the way, I would love to hear what your idea of a handicapped person ‘looks’ like. A——.”

The disabled veteran went on to write, “I’m going to frame [the note] so I can look at I everyday as to remind myself of what kind of person to NOT be.”

Closing the letter, he wrote: “Sincerely The guy who doesn’t look handicapped.”

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