With suggestions from PEOPLE readers, Barton Brooks brings his grieving mother Carla to the stunning Welsh countryside to honor of his late father

By Rose Minutaglio
November 29, 2016 04:57 PM

Barton Brooks continues his incredible surprise journey with his mother, Carla. This time, with a special detour through the lush country of Wales.

The death of Carla’s husband, Karl, last year left her devastated. So, Barton and his partner, Gregg, decided to take her on a European getaway with 20 stops — one for each year she took care of Karl, who suffered a stroke 20 years before he passed away. So far the crew has traveled to Paris, EuroDisney and Switzerland — and now Wales!

With suggestions from PEOPLE readers, the group first took a castle tour in Northern Wales. “It’s stunning, we’re just loving it!” says Carla. The travelers then took a lovely road trip though the picturesque countryside. “It is so beautiful!” says Carla.

Barton, Carla and Gregg are headed to Budapest next, and they’d love some guidance on where to go — you can leave ideas in the comments section below. We’ll post a new episode of “Carla’s Comeback” every Wednesday, so be sure to follow all 20 of their adventures here!