Des Manahan took matters into his own hands after his wife began having trouble applying her makeup due to her deteriorating eyesight

Credit: Mario Dedivanovic/Instagram

Des Manahan, 83, took matters into his own hands when his wife became unable to apply her own makeup due to her deteriorating eyesight.

It all began when Mona Manahan, 82, turned to makeup artist Rosie O’Driscoll in Ireland to do her makeup for a birthday party, according to BBC Breakfast. Des accompanied his wife to the department store to meet with O’Driscoll, and took it upon himself to learn a thing or two.

“Des took the brushes from my hand and wanted to have a try,” O’Driscoll told BBC Breakfast. “If you just see the way he holds the brushes, he’s a natural. He’s a natural.”

Des told the morning show that her eyesight in her left eye is “really bad.” He added that she also has trouble holding the brushes, and he’d often make small “corrections” when Mona attempted to apply her own makeup.

After the couple’s initial encounter with O’Driscolll, Des decided that he’d return to learn more tips to help his wife of 56 years.

“He got lesson after lesson after lesson, and loved every minute of it,” O’Driscoll, 43, told TODAY Style, adding that the doting husband learned to apply lipstick, blush and more. “I think he prefers me to take a step back now and let him off, let him do whatever he wants to do.”

And Des is sure to apply Mona’s makeup just the way she likes it.

“We definitely don’t go for any kind of heavy makeup of any kind,” he told TODAY Style, noting that “less is more.”

The husband’s sweet deed garnered international attention, and even caught the eye of celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. Dedivanovic, who has worked with Kim Kardashian West, invited the couple to attend a master class in London, TODAY Style reports.

The artist shared a sweet Instagram photo of himself with the couple in April.

“My heart felt so full seeing them there in front of me,” Dedivanovic wrote alongside the shot. “My highlight of #TheMasterClass London and of the year ♥️ ♥️♥️♥️ #TrueLove #benefitireland.”

Des said that although he enjoys doing Mona’s makeup, he loves her just the way she is.

“We both love each other as we are at 83 and 82, which I think is enough,” he told TODAY Style.