This Deaf Toddler's Reaction to Minnie Mouse Signing 'I Love You' Will Warm Your Heart

Dreams really do come true at Disneyland!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are making dreams come true!

When a toddler who is deaf approached the characters at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, they surprised him by communicating with him in sign language.

Minnie bent down to speak with the little boy and signed, “I love you” and “It’s nice to meet you.”

The boy immediately rushed to Minnie, who embraced him in a loving hug.

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Non-profit organization Olive Crest captured the heartwarming moment on film.

“He lights up,” said Heidi Riehl, a spokesperson for non-profit Olive Crest, which specializes in helping at-risk children, told Inside Edition. “It’s like they speak his language.”

The toddler was accompanied by a sign language assistant who told Mickey and Minnie what to say.

And his reaction was priceless — seems like dreams really do come true at Disneyland!

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