Dr. Clare Wenham couldn't help but laugh as her daughter Scarlett debated where to hang her unicorn artwork

By Joelle Goldstein
July 02, 2020 04:13 PM
Girl Crashes Mom’s Live BBC Interview While Trying to Display Her Unicorn Drawing
Dr. Clare Wenham with her daughter Scarlett
| Credit: BBC News

Working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic has brought on many challenges for parents — and Dr. Clare Wenham can relate.

During a live interview with BBC News on Wednesday, Wenham demonstrated firsthand just how difficult it is for parents to balance work and entertain their children after her daughter Scarlett made a hilarious appearance on screen.

Scarlett first attempted to sit in her mother's lap as Wenham was discussing England's coronavirus lockdowns with the male interviewer.

Wenham, an assistant professor for global health policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science, can be seen calmly lifting her daughter to the side before proceeding to talk as her child made her way to the back of the room.

From there, Scarlett sweetly debated where to put her artwork of a unicorn, moving it from the top of the bookshelf to inside one of the shelves.

Her adorable actions eventually caught the attention of the interviewer, who asked Wenham her daughter's name.

He went on to tell the child that he believes the picture looks better on the lower shelf, adding, "It's a lovely unicorn," as Wenham laughed.

Girl Crashes Mom’s Live BBC Interview While Trying to Display Her Unicorn Drawing
Dr. Clare Wenham with daughter Scarlett

But things became even funnier when Wenham attempted to continue their conversation and Scarlett persistently asked her mother what the interviewer's name was.

Finally, he responded, "My name is Christian."

"Christian," Scarlett said, "I'm just deciding where Mummy wants it to go."

Wenham quickly told Scarlett, "I think just on that shelf is great," before turning to the camera and apologizing for the interruption. The interviewer, meanwhile, couldn't help but laugh at the sweet on-air moment.

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Wenham later addressed the funny interview on her Twitter alongside a photo of her and Scarlett smiling in front of the bookshelf with the unicorn artwork positioned at the top.

"We’ve decided on a shelf for the unicorn," Wenham shared. "Thanks to all for kind words normalising the work-parent balance that so many are juggling amid #covid19 chaos"

Referencing the adorable outfit her daughter was wearing in the photo — a blue dress like Elsa in Frozen and a red cape and mask — the mom added, "#SuperheroElsa."