Daughter of Ohio Police Detective Honored After She Saves Life of 7-Month-Old Baby in Car Crash

"In a situation that was very chaotic, very stressful, very scary, she maintained control," said the police chief

An Ohio woman is being praised for jumping into action to save a 7-month-old baby who had been involved in a car crash.

Ladonya Williams was honored by the Akron Police Department on Wednesday, nearly three months after her heroic efforts saved the infant's life on Aug. 22.

"It wasn't just a life, it was one of the most precious lives in a community: a 7-month old baby," Chief Stephen Mylett said at the press conference, where Ladonya, 20, was presented with a civilian commendation.

"In a situation that was very chaotic, very stressful, very scary, she maintained control," Mylett continued. "She went over, got this baby that was not breathing... and started doing compressions and brought the baby back."

Though authorities hailed her as a hero, Ladonya — whose father is Donny Williams, an Akron police detective of 30 years — said her actions were nothing out of the ordinary, according to ABC affiliate WEWS.

"I don't really feel like a hero," she told the local outlet. "I just feel like somebody who was able to help someone in need and I feel like it's something that anybody who could have would have done."

The incident unfolded around 9 p.m. on Aug. 22 as Ladonya was returning from a visit to her grandmother's in Akron with her father, WEWS reported.

While waiting at a red light, the pair suddenly spotted a Grand Cherokee behind them, barreling towards them at a fast speed, according to the outlet.

The vehicle drove left of the centerline before slamming into another car that was preparing to turn. The scary moment was witnessed by Ladonya and Donny but they were not involved in the crash, WEWS reported.

Ladonya — who has been professionally modeling since she was 14 with Fashion Teens of Akron — then watched a distressed woman come out of the vehicle, begging for help, per WEWS.

"I thought, 'Oh my God, I don't know what's happening.' She was screaming that her child was dying and that her baby was choking," she recalled to the outlet. "Everything was just happening so fast."

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Ladonya said she initially thought the baby stopped breathing due to the crash, but later learned that he stopped breathing beforehand, which prompted his mom to speed to a hospital, WEWS reported.

"I just wanted him to be okay and I wanted the mother not to lose her child," Ladonya recalled to the outlet.

"As soon as the woman said that her baby was choking, I knew that I knew what to do," she added to Fox affiliate WJW.

Using skills she had learned from a Red Cross first aid course that she had taken at 18, Ladonya quickly began efforts to resuscitate the baby, according to WEWS.

"I was on my knee and I just had him [upside down] and I was just really patting his back really firmly," she told the outlet.

"I knew the baby was getting a little bit of air and I knew that the ambulance was coming and we were so close to the hospital so I flipped the baby over and I put my ear up against his chest just to make sure he was breathing and he was," she added to WJW. "So then I just held him on my chest and I just held his mother's hand and we waited for the ambulance to come."

As the scene unfolded, Donny was beyond impressed by his daughter's ability to take action.

"Everyone there is in panic mode, including me, and I'm a trained professional. I do this every day, I see it all the time, but to see someone perform like that, especially my daughter under that type of pressure at such a horrific scene, it was just amazing," he told WJW.

"It was one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed," he continued to WEWS. "And that being my daughter, it was really, really something the next level."

Ladonya was supposed to be in Chicago for a modeling gig at the time, but ended up canceling because she wasn't feeling well, her dad said at the press conference.

"I was able to do something great and I knew, in that moment, that it was destined for me to be there," she told the outlet.

"The universe had a different calling for her on that date," her dad pointed out to WEWS.

Following the incident, the infant was transported to Akron Children's Hospital while his mom was cited for reckless operation for excessive speed, according to WEWS. A relative told the outlet that the baby is now doing well.

On Wednesday, Chief Mylett commended Ladonya once again, telling the crowd, "This is a phenomenal example of when somebody is called do something, called upon to do something, and they don't hesitate and react."

"I'm always proud of my children but this may be one of the proudest moments of my life," Donny said at the press conference. "To see her such a terrific act, so selfless... it's one of those things in life you never forget."

Speaking at the conference, Ladonya said she "never thought I'd do anything like this in my life" but urged others to learn from her story.

"I really want to encourage everyone to get certified in CPR and do what you can where you can," she told the reporters.

"It's very important," she added to WEWS. "You could save somebody's life."

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