'Clumsiest' and 'Most Accident-Prone' People Have These Names, According to Data

Kyle topped the list of male names, while Hailey was deemed the most clumsy female name, according to the report

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People with certain names may be more susceptible to accidents, according to new data compiled by Uplift Legal Funding.

The lawsuit loan-funding service recently released its findings on its website, listing the top 10 names of men and women who are considered the "clumsiest" and "most accident-prone."

Kyle topped the list of male names, with Blake, Brian, Ryan and Daniel falling behind in second through fifth place, according to the data. Also in the top 10 for male names were Mark, Bob, Samuel, William and James.

As for females, Uplift Legal Funding said Hailey was deemed the "clumsiest" name based on their research.

Taylor came in second place, while Linda, Barbara and Kimberley followed behind in second through fifth place. Mary, Angela, Deborah, Gabrielle and Louise rounded out the list for females.

In order to determine the list of names, the company said they reviewed cases that "involved the claimant encountering an incident causing personal injuries, such as slips, trips and falls in the workplace and at home or in a public setting."

Through their reviews, they were able to see which names appeared most frequently in the cases and compile them into a ranked list, according to the company.

Along with the 20 names, the company was also able to determine through their data that women are 37 percent more likely to suffer an injury by falling over as opposed to their male counterparts.

Men, meanwhile, are 23 percent more likely to have an accident in the home than anywhere else, according to Uplift Legal Funding.

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In a statement on the company's website, owner Jared Stern discussed the idea behind their study before joking about the findings.

"Names are an important aspect of our lives, whether we’re deciding what to name a new addition or dealing with a name given to us — they’re a huge deal," he said. "There’s even science out there to suggest that our names can have an impact on our lives, with the power to affect our personalities and even our physicality."

"With this link between us as people and the names we are given, we thought that it would be interesting to take our data and find out which names are associated with those who are more accident-prone," he continued.

"I hope for all the Kyles and Haileys out there, the research isn’t completely accurate!" Stern quipped.

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