Here Are the Most Dangerous Cities for Trick-or-Treaters Due to Distracted Drivers

Ocean City drivers were found to be the most distracted and the most likely to speed, making it the most dangerous city for trick-or-treaters on Halloween, according to Cambridge Mobile Telematics

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Parents and trick-or-treaters, beware of distracted drivers this Halloween.

As over 41 million Americans prepare to celebrate the spooky holiday with the trick-or-treating tradition, per the U.S. Census Bureau, safety is on the minds of many. Cambridge Mobile Telematics, a mobile telematics and analytics provider, has found that certain cities are more dangerous for trick-or-treaters than others based on the vigilance and care of drivers in the area.

The agency said it analyzed the data of 856,962 drives in the U.S. on Oct. 31, 2018, taking into consideration speed and if any of the drivers broke hard at least once during their trip.

The company highlighted five cities — Park City, Utah; Memphis, Tennessee; Arlington, Virginia; and Miami — as the most distracted. Meanwhile, drivers in five other areas — Portland, Oregon; Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Jacksonville, Florida; and the Hamptons, New York — were found to be the most likely to speed, according to the company.

Ocean City, Maryland drivers were listed under both the most distracted and the most likely to speed, making it the most dangerous city for trick-or-treaters on Halloween, Cambridge Mobile Telematics said. Miami was in second place.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics found that the cities expected to have the safest roads this Halloween are Seattle; Las Vegas; San Jose, California; Long Beach, California; and Minneapolis.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,166 Americans died due to distracted driving in 2017. While laws vary by state, drivers are urged to refrain from using their phones while behind the wheel to prevent distracted driving.

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People driving on Halloween are also encouraged to slow down and pay extra attention to the road, “especially in residential neighborhoods where trick or treaters may be crossing the street,” Cambridge Mobile Telematics noted.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers tips to trick-or-treaters on how to stay safe this Halloween. Officials suggest wearing reflective tape on costumes and bags to help notify drivers and sticking to sidewalks whenever possible. If you don’t have access to a sidewalk, the CDC suggests staying on the far edge of the road facing traffic.

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