Scott Stuart says his son Colin has loved "everything about" Elsa ever since he was 3-years-old

A father is encouraging his son to be himself, no matter what people may say about it.

Scott Stuart said his son Colin has loved Elsa from Frozen ever since he was 3-years-old, according to BuzzFeed.

“He fell in love with Queen Elsa,” he told the outlet. “He loved everything about her, and of course, wanted every toy and costume available. He had an Elsa doll that he was so proud of. He would take it everywhere and show it to everyone.”

Now 6, Colin’s adoration for the Disney princess has only grown — but still, he was hesitant to dress up like her recently when the father-son duo went to see Frozen 2 at the movie theater, in fear that others would make fun of him.

“I feel that in a moment like that, we can either teach our kids to run away from who they are and what they love, to try and please other people, or teach them to have the courage to be themselves,” Scott, 36, explained.

And so he did. Instead of simply telling his son that he supported him, the dad actually showed it by matching Colin in a blue gown and blonde wig — a sweet moment that was captured on Scott’s TikTok and has since gone viral.

dad dresses up as Elsa
Scott and Colin Stuart dancing in their Elsa costumes
| Credit: Scott Stuart/ People

“We chose to teach him to be himself,” said Scott, who works as a graphic designer at a children’s hospital and is a children’s book author.

“I would hope people could look at this video and see a child having the courage to be themselves, and know that if they have to courage to do the same, there will be someone who will stand with them too,” he added to BuzzFeed.

The Australian dad told the outlet that Colin does love “traditionally-male characters”, such as Batman and Spiderman, but his favorites have always been the princesses and queens.

Sadly, Scott said, that preference has already caused Colin to face backlash from his classmates, despite them being so young.

“One day he came home from preschool completely distraught because someone said that Elsa was for girls,” he explained to BuzzFeed. “That day I resolved that I would always support the things that he loves, even if they challenged my — or society’s — expectations of him.”

Since then, Scott has made several TikTok videos, where he discusses his parenting styles and empowerment beliefs. In some, he talks about the negative reactions he receives for letting his son wear dresses and play with Elsa dolls.

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And though Scott is completely accepting of his son’s preferences now, he admitted in a December 2019 Instagram post that he wasn’t always so confident about it.

“I have a super simple rule as a father,” he wrote alongside a photo of him and Colin in their Elsa attire. “If my son wants to do something outside a gender ‘norm’, I’ll do it too so he sees its totally OK to be both a man AND wear a dress.”

“I didn’t always have that rule,” Scott admitted. “When he first fell in love with Elsa and wanted to dress up as her, I would feel so judged walking down the street next to him, and I projected that onto thinking he was judged.”

“Then I came to [a] realization. Maybe as parents, one of our toughest jobs is figuring out who our child really is and what they really love, and allowing that to shine as brightly as possible,” he added. “What makes me the proudest? He is completely and unashamedly himself. I wish I had that as a kid.”

Colin’s fearless attitude is ultimately what inspired Scott to write a children’s book about gender roles and empowerment.

In his upcoming book, My Shadow is Pink, Scott tells the story of a boy who struggles to accept his pink shadow because it is different from the rest of his family members, who all have blue shadows.

“It’s about a boy who has a pink shadow that likes princess, fairies & ‘things not for boys’… but he wishes he had a blue shadow like everyone else in his family,” Scott explained in an Instagram post. “He learns that everyone has a shadow they wish, at times, was something else… and he has to learn to love and accept his shadow as it is.”

The book will be available for purchase through Larrikin House on Aug. 1.