Jennifer Jones said her husband thought Delaney was just making a "tutorial" like she normally does and didn't know it was going to her teacher

An Oregon father pulled off the ultimate prank when he video-bombed his daughter's crafts tutorial — only to learn the joke was on him when the video got sent to her teacher!

Jennifer Jones said her husband Isaac had no idea that the video their daughter Delaney's recording was going to be uploaded to the classroom app SeeSaw for her first-grade teacher to see.

"Daddy thought she was just making a 'tutorial' like she typically does," Jennifer wrote in a Nov. 17 Facebook post beside the clip, which captured Isaac hilariously dancing for two minutes in the background of his daughter's shot.

It was certainly an example of distance learning gone wrong, as Isaac held nothing back and showed off his best dance moves to the music playing in his kitchen. At one point, the father even got his other two children involved in the stunt.

As their antics ensued, a calm Delaney carried on with her crafts tutorial. Despite the frequent interruptions, the first-grade student only stopped once to joke, "What is wrong with this family? I'm just trying to do peace and quiet art!"

"I hope her teacher laughed as hard as I did," Jennifer wrote in her post, which has since received over 174,000 shares and more than 32,000 comments.

In response to the video gaining so much attention, Isaac expressed his appreciation for the support he and his family had received via Facebook.

"I personally got a kick out of seeing so many other dudes tagged by their loved ones who know they'd be dork'n out with their fam too when given the chance," he wrote in the post.

That reason was what Isaac ultimately said he believed made the clip so relatable.

"Other than the fact that yes, there's actually a guy out there that dances worse than you do," he quipped.

"Guys: take these chances we get to make memories with your amazing kids, the miracles they are. It's one of the best parts about being a parent," he added. "Because unlike from your professional life, as a parent if you act like a fool the ones who mater actually admire you even more! What a relief right?"

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Isaac went on to acknowledge that although 2020 has been filled with "tragedy," he was choosing to focus on the positives in life and encouraged others to follow his lead.

"My family is no exception experiencing financial hardship, sickness, even death... but why dwell on that?" he wrote. "I'm not saying it's easy or that we always every time chose happiness, but allow yourself the chance to choose and to take those moments when they come."

"Point is, I'm so glad to spread a little levity and distraction in a time when I know I certainly need it, so I'm hoping you've needed it too!" he finished. "Thanks for allowing me the blessing of sharing my incredible family that always keeps me laughing."