And you thought your big day was extravagant

Oh, wedding season. Every year around summer time, everyone and their mother becomes inundated with “I’m so happy I get to marry my best friend!” tributes and an endless stream of wedding pictures that are reminiscent of the Kardashian-Jenner family’s go-to photo booth. It’s all so expected.

That’s exactly why we’re turning to these brides, hailing from all over the world, who bring a refreshing (read: extra) take on the monotonous traditions we’ve been subjected to since that one time our parents dragged us to a very distant relative’s never-ending party. (We’ve all been there, right?)

Crack open the almost-stale Jordan almonds you got at your cousin’s bash two years ago, and let’s take a look at those very trends, shall we?

Lebanon: Floating Into a Wedding Ceremony

What’s happening? A bride in Lebanon decided to make the ultimate entrance with the help of balloons and a harness. She gracefully landed next to her father, who walked her the rest of the way down the aisle.
How extra is this, really? Pretty freakin’ extra. Her frenemies probably hate her for dreaming up such a unique entrance, and that’s okay. #TeamBride
We can’t help but ask: Did the groom have any idea this was going to happen? What was he thinking while all of this was going down?

China: Flying Veils

What’s happening? Magic does exist. This bride can be seen walking down the aisle sans veil until suddenly stopping midway, only for a veil to gently make its way down from the ceiling and onto her head like it’s NBD.
How extra is this, really? It’s more wow-worthy than anything.
We can’t help but ask: But how does it all work?! Turns out this bride has ceiling rails and weights to thank for the mesmerizing magic trick (because that’s exactly what it looks like to us: a beautiful, majestic magic trick).

Australia: Life-size Bride Wedding Cakes

What’s happening? Some brides (not just in Australia) are requesting life-size wedding cakes inspired by their gowns for their big day.
How extra is this, really? Very. But hey, it’s a pretty good way for people to appreciate your wedding-day style, even if you’re not physically in the room.
We can’t help but ask: How long does it take for a cake this big to be eaten in its entirety?

Canada: Exchanging Vows While Bungee Jumping

What’s happening? Yulia and Briany make things official in a ceremony only serious thrill-seekers would want to replicate: taking a 160-ft. plunge toward the Cheakamus River in Whistler.
How extra is this, really? Particularly extra for those deathly afraid of heights.
We can’t help but ask: Are vows exchanged before or after?

America: Dancing Down the Aisle

What’s happening? Instead of slowly walking down the aisle to sentimental music, some wedding parties (traditionally in Guatemala) are choosing to dance their hearts out as they enthusiastically make their way toward the altar. Just ask Minnesota natives Jill and Kevin, whose video depicting just that went viral in 2009.
How extra is this, really? We can see how this entrance could be jarring to guests who were expecting more harp-playing and much less Chris Brown.
We can’t help but ask: What did their more conservative guests think?

Japan: Having a Robot Officiant

What’s happening? In a move that might have made their grandparents look at them real funny, this Japanese couple hired a robot to officiate their big day. It wasn’t entirely random, however, considering this pair already shared an interest in robots. That’s true love.
How extra is this, really? Just a tad, but it has less to do with the actual robot and more to do with its flower crown.
We can’t help but ask: Did the robot get down at the reception?