June 28, 2018 05:06 PM

Like Meat Loaf, some people would do anything for love — and why wouldn’t they? Love is a powerful feeling everyone experiences at one point or another, whether it’s toward another human or McDonald’s amazing new muffin tops. We’ve all been there.

And yes, even high-profile folks are susceptible to catching the love bug. Just this month, we’ve witnessed a lovestruck Saturday Night Live actor — ahem, Pete Davidson — go ring shopping a mere two weeks into dating now-fiancée Ariana Grande. And don’t even get us started on the princess who left Japan’s Imperial family in order to marry a commoner. Or that time Lauren Conrad didn’t go to Paris because hanging with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler sounded way better somehow. (Clearly, we’re still not over that last one.)

Crazy-in-love, over-the-top gestures aren’t limited to celebrities, though – real people have plenty of their own jaw-dropping “what I did for love” events that they’re sharing … under condition of anonymity, of course. Future Tinder matches have access to Google, after all, and it’s not wise to run any risks. Without further ado, the wildest things real people have ever done while under Cupid’s spell.

1. “Dealt with cats.”

2. “I was in a long distance relationship. She and I are both military. She’s active, I’m guard. I left my high-paying job, friends, family and moved across the country for her. That was over 1.5 years ago. I then had a five-month deployment, and wouldn’t you know, she dumped me half way through it. One more month to go until I get to go home and deal with that. No regrets though. I won’t think about her five years from now and go, ‘…what if?’ I tried, she dumped me, I’ll move forward like I always do.”
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3. “When I was 11 I gave a girl I liked my holographic Charizard. She gave it to a boy she liked. I snapped inside.”

4. “I once made 15 lbs. of chocolate chip cookies from scratch.”

5. “Drove to New Jersey.”

6. “I failed a few tests on purpose to get some one-on-one tutoring with the professor I was infatuated with.”
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7. “Getting back with her after she cheated on me with her ex. Twice.”

8. “Tattooed her name. It’s true what they say, it’s a curse.”

9. “Shaved my head. In high school, a girl I had a wicked crush on told me I’d look good with it shaved completely (it was already pretty short). Went home and shaved it to where I looked like Mr. Clean. Went into school the next day and she didn’t even really notice. Kept it the rest of high school though, and had the nickname ‘Gandhi.’ Good times.”
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10. “Told her that I loved her when I knew she didn’t love me.”

11. “Moved continents, despite never having set foot outside my home country before.”

12. “I pretty much gave up everything in my life for a woman I thought I was going to marry. Hobbies, friends, family, interests. Dropped it all because I loved her. Then found out she’d been cheating on me with a co-worker for probably the last year or so of our 5-year relationship.”

13. “Sold nearly everything I owned, quit my job, and moved 2000 miles to live with a woman I met online via a Yahoo Group for cat owners. Eight years later and we’re still together.”
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14. “Paid the extra $2.50 for stuffed crust from Dominos.”

15. “I once flew from the midwest down to Brazil for an exchange student I knew from high school. We had been dating through Skype for a few months, and I really wanted to travel. It fizzled out a few weeks after I got back, but it was totally worth it. No regrets.”

16. “I stopped eating meat.”

17. “Took my own braces off with nail clippers. I was head-over-heels in love with this chick, but found out through a friend she didn’t find me attractive. I’d had my braces on for four years and my teeth were perfectly straight, so I figured it was time. Long story short, we went on one date and that was that. And yes, my parents were livid.”

18. “I read the entire Book of Mormon. And then she didn’t go for me. It was a bummer.”

All entries are from Reddit and have been edited for length and clarity.

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