Couple Welcomes Triplets After Losing 2 Babies in First Triplets Pregnancy: A 'Second Chance'

"God meant for this to happen to us and we got it again and it worked out beautifully this time," mom Kellee Briggs told KCCI

An Iowa couple who endured a pregnancy heartbreak is sharing good news.

According to CBS affiliate KCCI, Kellee and Nick Briggs found out they were expecting triplets during an ultrasound in 2020, but during the same visit, they discovered two of the babies did not survive.

"For me, it was, I'm so happy that I have this one baby, but I lost two," Kellee told the outlet. "I just kept imagining these three little kiddos."

"Would they be girls? Boys? I just didn't know. It was heartbreaking to think about the what would be and also being happy about the what is," she added.

Months after the heartbreaking news, the couple welcomed their baby boy, Chase.

But in a rare turn of events, the family found out they were once again pregnant with triplets last year.

"My family of 3 doubled," Kellee wrote on Instagram in September.

According to KCCI, the chances of someone becoming pregnant with triplets twice through natural methods is 1 in 64 million.

Kellee and Nick welcomed the three newest members of their family in March, according to her Instagram.

"We are in love! X3!!!" she wrote in the caption of a post featuring a photograph of the three babies: two boys, Aiden and Isaac, and their sister, Adeline.

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Kellee told KCCI that becoming pregnant with triplets again felt like a "second chance."

"I felt like I was so robbed of the experience the first time when I lost the first two with Chase," she told the news station.

She added: "And then it just like God meant for this to happen to us and we got it again and it worked out beautifully this time."

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